Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 5-Praying For My Husband

Today's Verse: “Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.” - Psalm 119:105 (NASB)

God’s word is a light to our life. In a world filled with darkness, we have a light to show us the way. Without a light it is easy to get off the path. When you can’t see the path, it’s easy to wander off and get lost. Without a light is it easy to get tripped up along the way. However, God has given us His Word as a light to our feet. His Word gives us direction. The Word of God shows us the next step to take. Rarely does God show us where the path will take us, but if we choose to listen to His Word, He will show us the next step to take.

His word also shows us any dangers in our path. God’s word points out the things that can trip us up on our walk with Christ. Every day, we encounter things in our path that have the potential of taking us down. God’s Word not only provides the warning, it shows us what to be looking for.

Unfortunately, so many Christian know very little about God’s Word. They know a few verses they learned in Sunday School as a child, but they don’t know the Word of God. Only as we grow in our knowledge of God’s Word can it become our guiding light.

Today, as you pray for eddie, pray that he becomes a student of God’s Word. Pray that he will not only learn God’s Word, but will apply it into his life on a daily basis. Pray that today, God’s Word will lead him carefully down the path God has chosen for Him.

Father, I pray that today, eddie will allow your word to be the guiding light in his life. I pray that he will become a student of Your word, and will allow it to lead and protect him. As he faces dangers on his path today, I pray that Your word will be his light.In Jesus Name,

eddie, today I am praying that God’s Word will be a light to your feet. I am praying that God’s Word will give you direction, guidance and protection. I am also praying that God gives you a renewed hunger for His Word. Love, denise


Cranberry Morning said...

Such a good post, Denise! And you know I'm continuing to pray for you and for Eddie. Blessings.♥

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Cathy said...

AMEN!!!! I am praying too~~~! for Eddie!!! ♥♥♥