Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jesus Loves Me


Godsgalnj said...

I understand the whole being down on yourself but Denise, you are an amazing woman of God. I think you're beautiful - And I'm not just saying that. I truly think you are :) I love how honest you are. *hugs*

Marsha said...

Sweetie, I'm going to call you Friday. We didn't get to talk on Monday with my grandkids around. Love you bunches!

Joyful said...

Denise, I feel like I want to give you a big ole hug and tell you how beautiful your are. Like another woman said here, you are an amazing woman of God. but beyond that you are beautiful. Really. You have beautiful eyes, a beautiful face and lips. I can't even tell you have no eyebrows because I see some when I look at you. I don't know about your hair condition and whether it will grow. But even if it doesn't, you look fine with very short hair cut and I know not everybody does.

As for feeling down. We ALL go through that and don't let anyone tell you differently. Some people go through more down days than other people but God cares for you and what you are going through just the same. I know it isn't always easy for couples in marriage and some spouses are not as supportive of others but I just think in the old days, this surgery that you are speaking of would not have been available and husbands would have to adjust. So if you are feeling fear about the surgery, I can relate because I have the same fears due to breathing issues. I say let us pray that your husband's approach would change. Don't rush to any surgery dear Denise, unless and until you feel strong. I don't want to say more here. Just know that those of us who heard your video will be able to pray for you.

"Lord God I pray for Denise that she would feel your loving arms around her and that you would show her just how beautiful she is. I ask you Lord to touch her husband help him to show love and support at this time. Open the lines of communication Lord so that he can truly understand the fears and needs Denise has at this time. Give Denise supernatural strength
and joy through this process and wisdom and knowledge to know what to do and when to do it. I pray that most of all Lord, Denise would feel love and acceptance for who she is and where she is at. Lord guide her gently and give her body strength, help her to walk without falling and even be able to lose weight without trying for we know how difficult it can be. I ask the angels to guard her and for your Holy Spirit to grant peace. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.

God bless.

From the Heart said...

I agree with Joyful, you are a very beautiful person in all the ways and all the things you do for others. Let God be your guide regarding surgery. BTW I don't have any eybrows either. I plucked them so much that they became very thin and far apart so I just shave them off and draw my eyebrows on. God bless you for you are truly a beautiful lady with a beautiful spirit that God has given you. Thank you, Father, for allowing me to get to know Denise, she is precious not only in Your sight but in mine as well.

Peggy said...

Yes, Jesus does love YOU, Denise and I love you so much more... muchooooooooo.

I did not hear the video yet but I did hear your precious singing!

I know I will cry if I listen to the rest because I was kinda pre-warned... so my heart cannot bear any more heart break from your suffering, pain or health issues... but know when I am stronger and have more time, I will but I want you to hear from my heart! You need to remember that God loves you and has made you beautiful as His image in you. I believe that is why you started with this song. I do believe God put that song on your heart and there is a reason. My heart breaks at others and selfishness. I pray that this is not about what I think but nonetheless I am praying and lifting you before the Almighty. Go back and read my comment in Faith Focus, OK?

Please know that my heart longs to encourage and embrace you with all the love within me. You are so beautiful! Your smile shines Jesus! Your eyes sparkle with His Light!
Please listen only to His Truth, not others, only God's. I know you have so much love to give; please give some to yourself today, from me, from God and so many others that care for you. I love the glow in your face. How Jesus loves you and me (even when it's a little hard to see through the 'clouds' or walls or hearts of others)!!!

Love and HUGS,
praying and believing...

Laurie Collett said...

Dear Denise,
You are beautiful not only in our eyes but especially in God's eyes! He finds us most beautiful when we are clothed in His righteousness and adorned with the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit. I'm praying for healing for you.
Love in Him,

Megha Varshini said...

I found peace when you were singing the song :) you have a very beautiful voice.
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Kristin Bridgman said...

I am in agreement with everyone are beautiful! You are loved! You are worthy! Listen to us and the whispers of God and kick that other voice to the curb.
Your singing blesses my heart, thank you! I sang along with you:)
I'll be praying for you~

Lori Dupes said...

Denise, I wish we lived closer so I could give you a big hug! I bet you give wonderful hugs too! I can see your heart and it is so precious and beautiful. And whats more is that God sees you as PERFECT! While others may see our flaws it is so encouraging to know the One who truly matters and he sees us through the reflection of his love. I bet we can be the best of friends! You are lovely and a true woman of God, a vessel of honor and beauty. :)

Lori Dupes said...

Denise, I wish we lived closer so I could give you a great big hug. I bet you give wonderful hugs too. When I watch this video, I see a beautiful woman, so lovely and tenderhearted. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I don't think there is a woman on earth that has not felt some of things you are feeling right now. You're right, the ol' devil would love to see us stay in that pit, but you are correct in giving the Lord thanksgiving and praise, that will scare the enemy away faster than anything.(I can see you already know that) I see how precious and beautiful you are and isn't it encouraging to know that God sees beyond our cracks and sees Perfection through the reflection of his love? He sees through the eyes of hope and joy, because he knows our future- the plan and hope to which we have been called. Thank you for sharing and singing, what a blessing your heart is to many, especially mine. I will pray for you my friend, my sister in Christ

Pia said...

dear denise, i wish i could hug you now. i understand your feeling down. i guess all of us, one way or another, have felt being down and depressed. i also hate that feeling. but denise, please know that you are loved. you are loved by so many of us here. you are loved by our Almighty God. you are important. and denise, you are beautiful! media may dictate how beauty should be, but denise, we are all made beautiful by our Lord. and you know why you are more beautiful? it's because yours is from the inside out. you radiate God's beauty and light.

about marriage, i may not have received in the natural my breakthrough in this area, but believe me when i say that God is very mindful of our marriages. He sees and He knows what is going on. it may not always be the way we wanted it but remember, God is the author of our marriages. He will certainly do something about them. eddie is so blessed to have you as a wife. i know he knows that. and i know he knows how much you love him.

i know this is easier said than done but you are special denise. look in the mirror and say to that person you see that you are God's creation. you are beautiful. you are loved and you are important. you are blessed and healed by the grace of God.

i love you, denise. i love you, my dear sister in Christ. (((hugs)))

Mic said...

He is so ADORABLE!!!

Donetta said...

Hi Denise
Just came by to say hello. My kids have spring break, that gave me a break.
It is in grieving I think that we process the events. I happened to open to Job this morning and gave me thought. With surgery on both shoulders and on my wrist upcoming the overwhelm is like you pressing.
I had to wait until I could emotionally handle it. The knee replacement like your stroke needed the time to heal, body mind and spirit.
The surgeon was able to inject my shoulders and an MRI is set next week before a surgery is to be planned. I was also able to get into a hand specialist (the injury last Aug. when I was playing with the kids) it can no longer wait to be attended to. When I called an appointment was open just 8 days out for a specialist that takes well over two months to get into.

My heart is stronger now Denise. My spirit rested a good seven months. NO way could I have physiologically handled it even three weeks early.

My point dear one in when your really, emotionally able then YOU will know.

You deserve to be loved unconditionally and IF that is at issue it is NOT your issue to deal with. :) scripture speaks of for a season in agreement to abstain is loving. When and if that season come due YOU will know.

Cathy said...

Hi Denise, thank-you for stopping by my blog. I'm glad I stopped by yours.

Your song brightened my morning. :) You have a beautiful voice!

And I love your honesty, sounds like you've been through alot.

God bless