Monday, February 6, 2012

365 Reasons I Love My Husband

365 Reasons I Love My Husband
29) I love how his heart beats in time, with my heart beat.  30)I love how he puts toothepaste on my toothebrush, at bedtime.  31) I love how he prays with me.   32) I love how he prays for me.  33) I love how he expresses his concerns for my health, to my Doctor.  34) I love him, because he is who he is, nothing less, nothing more.  35) I love him, because he bought me my childhood favorite board game, for Christmas, Candyland, and he plays it with me, anytime, I ask him too.


From the Heart said...

I tried to leave a comment earlier but Google is giving me a hard time with my password.

Your thank you's for your husband are great. May God bless both of you.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Your husband sounds like a real sweet heart!

Annesphamily said... two are so sweet. I'd say two peas in a pod! Anne

Cathy said...

A sweet post, my friend ~ You two are blessed.

Peggy said...

Bless you Denise and Lovebug!!! and all 365 reasons... but these are so sweet... just like that precious hugging bears header!!!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh... so special!

I made a big mistake in GR, where I try to save the blog posts I need to comment on still... I clicked ALL to see which ones, and instead of clicking on your posts, I hit something that clicked ALL of them as READ... yours and everyone I have no idea which ones I missed but I will try my best to get to them... sorry!

I love that part about prayer and toothpaste...the best!

But I'll be happy to palay CANDYLAND any time with of my favorites too!!!

We all are who we are,nothing less or nothing more...some pretend they are more...but you're the REAL DEAL!!!

I love you sweet lil sis and happy Valentine's day to you both again and again...even if you already celebrated!!! You'll be be doing that all 365... each time you write another set of reasons you love him!!! That's the way it was meant to be, every day, in the good and not so good moments!