Monday, January 16, 2012

Scipture Memory A-Z 2012

She Sparkles Scripture Memory Challenge 2012
The first scripture, the A scripture, was Joshua 24:15-As for me, and my household, we will serve the Lord.    Questions to Ponder/Discussion Ideas~
* What does this verse mean to me? to our family?? Spend time reflecting, journaling, praying, and discussing how Joshua 24:15 can help shape you, and your family in the New Year.

* What are ways you can serve the Lord in 2012? In your home? School? Neighborhood? Community? World?

* Is there anything getting in the way of serving the Lord? (busy-ness, "screen time", unbelief, etc..). Pray and ask God that He would use you and your family in a special way this week to serve Him!
This verse is perfect for the beginning of a new year. It means alot to me, and my husband, especially, since we have just been able to get back in Church, praise God. There are various ways that we can serve the Lord in 2012. In our home, we can have a servant's heart toward one another, and all those that enter our home, let Jesus shine brightly.  We can serve the Lord in our neighborhood, community, and world, by praying for others, and offering a helping hand to those in need. Not a hand out, but, a hand up.  We should strive, to not let anything get in our way, of serving the Lord.Are you ready for the next A to Z Memory Verse?!
Our verse # 2 -(the "B" verse) - Acts 16:31
B - Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved...                                                                                                                                


Anne Lang Bundy said...

These are both among my FAVORITE verses. After the ultrasound for our third child, when we found out we were having a boy, my husband asked who said it, and where in the Bible is that verse that says, "As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." I said it's in the book of Joshua, and also said by Joshua. My husband replied, "That's what I want to name our son."

And so we did. I wince just a little bit every single time someone calls him "Josh." He'll always be "Joshua" to me.

Anne Lang Bundy said...

PS ~ I look forward to seeing all the other A-Z verses. :D

Cindy Bultema said...

So glad you are joining us for the A to Z Memory Verse Challenge! I enjoyed reading how the "A" verse is shaping you already. (Not a hand out, but a hand up - love it!)
Feel free to link this post on to my "B" verse today. I'd love for other *She Sparkles* readers to head you way and hear your heart too!
Blessings to you~
Cindy :)

Peggy said...

Great job Denise! So now you have the Joshua 24:15 one on to BELIEVING Acts 16:31! These verses so far I fortunately know and sound very familiar from the AWANA's program we used for memory when I was director of a church's group.

Love your responses to Cindy's questions. Press on, A-Z... here she comes with all of them such a part of her... not just in your memory or your heart, you live and ACT them as you BELIEVE each word as God's Truth and Promises to you!
Hallelujah! 2 verses... 24 to go!

Love ya' HUGS,

Karen said...

I love this scripture...I have a wall plaque with this verse and it was the first thing I hung up when we first moved here....

Ika Devita Susanti said...

Amen. I hope I can build a family who serve The Lord.