Friday, January 20, 2012

Fearless Friday

  Hello my friends. Please join me today, and pray for all those that deal with self-hatred issues. By the way, I am one of those people. I am ashamed to admit it, but it is the truth. It has gotten much worse, since I had my stroke. I hate the way I look, the way I talk quite a bit, and the way I walk sometimes. I should not feel this way. God created me, and He does not make junk. He created me in His own image, and He is totally awesome. God loves me just the way I am, nothing less, nothing more. He does not expect perfection, just wants me to be me. He loves you, just as you are. So, if you are dealing with negative feelings, as I often do, please know, you are not alone. God loves you so very much, in His eyes, you are one of His precious master pieces. I am praying for you, be blessed.


Peggy said...

Blessings Denise... I did not see any comments here and it might be because you did not publish them yet or because this is a side that most readers do not know about you and they don't know how to respond. Indeed this is an area of prayer.
May I encourage anyone who reads this to pray for Denise and as she asks for others that may be dealing also with issues of self hatred. This MUST GO in Jesus name...

You know that you are loved by many and God loves you...and that God does NOT make JUNK!

You are BEAUTIFUL, my dear sweet sister... this breaks my heart...

Denise... I'm going to share that prayer as I left it as we were taking down this wall brick by brick... JESUS, JESUS, JESUS

it's in the next comment cuz as you remember it's too long, so others that come can pray this also whether they are the one hurting this way or know someone who is...

Love, hugs, and PRAYING
believing that YOU WILL
OVERCOME because you are MORE THAN A CONQUEROR in Christ Jesus!!!


"Dear God,

Could it really be that You are gentle and loving towards me? It seems too good to be true. I’ve loathed myself more times than I can count and I’ve assumed You felt like I do about myself. Could it really be that You see me so differently and are eager to warmly embrace me with Your forgiveness and approving smile?

You are an infinite God, so I concede that You have infinite love. That has to mean that Your love far exceeds my own. But You are terrifyingly holy. How could You be less judgmental towards my failings than I am? Could Jesus dying for my sins have made that much difference? Could it really be that at last the pressure is off and I can bask in the sunshine of Almighty God knowing all about me and yet fully accepting me as his precious child? Could I be like Saint Paul, who saw himself as the worst of sinners and yet be special to God? Like that man of God, could I say, “ . . . but what I hate I do. nothing good lives in me
the evil I do not want to do – this I keep on doing. What a wretched man I am! . . .” and then immediately follow that pathetic lamentation with, “Thanks be to God . . . Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Romans 7:15,18,19,24,25; 8:1)?

I need more than fire insurance against hell. To live with myself I need somehow to be able to see myself as being of immense value and morally good. Is this possible for me?

You have given Your word that if I confess my sins, You will cleanse me from all unrighteousness, and in that same promise You vow You will do this not because I reach some arbitrary standard (we’ve all fallen short, anyhow – Romans 3:23) but simply because You are faithful and just (1 John 1:9).

It would be so wonderful to be cleansed. According to the Scripture just mentioned, You and I, Lord, both have a role to play in bringing this about. You have to be faithful and just; I have to confess my failings. I don’t have to ask You to do Your part. Since You are perfect and good, You’ll never be anything but faithful and just. So I’ll do my part and confess to all the things that make me feel so awful– what I’ve done and even what has been done to me that devastates me. I’d prefer to bury the past and live in denial, but the truth is that the past still eats at me, no matter how much I try to suppress it. My sins and the acts of those who have sinned against me seem too disgusting for You to want to hear about them, and yet You are so interested in everything that hurts me that You ask me to confess them – to tell You about them. I don’t find this easy, but I’ve already prolonged my torment for far too long. I need to get this over and done with, so here goes . . ."

Go to this site for the rest and more...


[I suggest you now share your heart with God, pouring out to Him details of all the things that tend to make you feel guilty, ashamed or uncomfortable. You might find it helpful to write it out as a letter to God. Any moral means of expressing your heart to God touches Him deeply.]

No matter what I see in the mirror, You, the Almighty Lord, declare me to be a totally new person, sparkling with the glory of God; nothing like what I used to be or how I used to see myself.

I admit that I don’t feel like a new creature – in fact, I feel as bad as ever – but You don’t lie. I look at myself and see nothing new. I still don’t like what I see. But You say that those whom You declare to be good – Your royal children – walk by faith not sight. So I need to believe you, and so believe I am different, no matter what I feel.

I am one with Jesus, the holy Son of God, so all the pressure to be good enough, all the humiliation of my past, and all the fear of divine rejection is over.

I want to honor You by breaking out of my former pattern of thinking. Like breaking any habit, it will be hard work but I will do my utmost to act like ______(your name), so that every time I catch myself beginning to think poorly of myself I will say, “No, that’s not true!” and start thanking You for who I am in Your loving eyes. Thank You that although You require my full cooperation, my thinking this way is important to You because You are selflessly devoted to wanting the best for me."

Cathy said...

Dear Sweet Denise ~ Please don't say you hate yourself, as you know God loves you, and you are the apple of His eye. You are beautiful inside and out. Love and Hugs ~