Friday, January 6, 2012

Fearless Friday

Hello my dear friends, praying you are all doing well. Please join me today in much prayer for my sister, and others, that are living with alcholics.  My sister Vicky, is married to Danny. Danny is a good man, but has a terrible addiction. He is an alcholic.  He has been consumed by satan through alcohol . Not only is he killing his self, but he is also killing my sister. He is very emotionally abusive to her, cussing at her, and screaming at her. He does not go to church, and will not take her to church. She has alot of health problems, due to her diabetes. This week, they had to put a brace on her foot, the doctor said it will probably be forever, that she will never be able to wear a shoe again. This really broke her heart, and she is already very depressed. This news, plus Danny's behaviour, has just made everything worse for her. He blames her for the problems with her foot.  He gets angry with her, whenever she gets sick. Diabetes is a disease, it is not her fault.  Last night on the phone, she was crying as if her heart was broken. She said, she does not think that he loves her any more.  She also said, she does not feel like she knows how to pray any more. She said, she feels as if she is in a heavy, dark fog, and she cannot find her way home. Of course, I prayed with her, and tried my best to encourage her. Please lift her, and Danny up in your prayers. They both , very much, need a touch from the Lord. Thanks, your prayers are appreciated.


Angela said...

I am praying sis...could you also add this request to my comment section on Fearless Friday for others there to also join us in praying.

Karen said...

Joining you in prayer, Denise.

Wanda's Wings said...

Said a little prayer for her just now.

Pam said...

Praying for your sister and brother in law and also for you, Denise, as I know how hard it is to see loved ones hurting and be unable to change the situation. Thankfully, God can!
2 Encourage

Ika Devita Susanti said...

Denise, I am so sorry to hear what happen with your sister, Vicky. I pray for her and Danny.

May God Himself touch his heart and recover him from all the pain that makes him become alcoholics.

I pray for Vicky to have a loyal heart to God and let God do His part to help her family and embrace them in His warm and loving arms.

There must be a way, sister, for God is the way of life. I believe that God has a plan for her and Danny too. God is love and I believe that He will make Danny realize how great is the hope he has and find the right way back in to God.

I also pray for you too, Denise. You are such a great sister. You must encourage Vicky as we know that she is not alone. She has us and we will pray for her. She has God and He is watching her to be his reflection. She must be a blessing for all of her family.

Lots of hug for you sister..

Cathy said...

Oh, I'm so sorry, Dear. Praying with you ~

Godsgalnj said...

I'm so sorry to hear this... I hope things get better for your sister!

Karen said...

Praying for Vicky and Danny...

Peggy said...

ohhh Denise... Another heavy situation and you certainly don't need any more battles!

You know that I am praying with you for Vicky and Danny but this goes deeper. I have seen you constantly pray for others and a little for yourself; but this is warfare and Danny needs deliverance... I did see that you prayed at the Lighthouse to break generational curses and strongholds Too (I think) which is very important!

I am so saddened by this for Vicky and my heart is broken for her and I am praying for them both. You sure are going through some fiery trials, sis... stay strong.
Gird yourself up with the belt of truth, guard your heart with Christ's breastplate of righteousness, defend yourself with the sword of Truth and shield of faith,
protect your mind and salvation with the helmet and put on those shoes with the gospel of peace... and track on... or trek on, stomping and praising 'til we kick that you know who back to his pit... and we command him to flee in Jesus' Name from your family! Greater is HE who lives within you, than he that is of this world. Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might... You are more than a conqueror for you, Eddie, and your families on both sides.
Jesus crushed the head and so you just stomp on that evil in your household... (not literally yours) and you claim the verse you are memorizing for all in your household...that includes the extended family that lives in their own household, family to you.

You are God's, He is Yours and you shine brightly with His glory! Shine on, sis... pray on and I'm with you!

Praying and believing,
(and that does it-I'm caught up with you,I think)