Tuesday, January 24, 2012

365 Reasons I Love My Husband

365 Reasons I Love My Husband
15) I love him, because he watches romance movies with me. 16) I love him, because he likes to walk in the rain with me.  17) I love how he enjoys getting in the floor, with me, and our little nephew Zachary, and playing for hours. 18) I love how he loves, to make me smile. 19) I love how he tells me I am beautiful, quite often. 20) I love how he buys us lunch, and then drives to one of my favorite places, the duck pond, and we sit in the car, talk, laugh, and eat. 21) I love how he still wants to spoon, when we go to bed.


Cranberry Morning said...

#21 - as my daughter would say, Denise, 'please let that be the end of your story.' LOL

Great list, Denise. We are so blessed of God to have good husbands!

Ika Devita Susanti said...

Wow..... He is so kind! You are lucky to have him too.

Ms. Kathleen said...

This is so wonderful...! You are blessed with a wonderful man and he with wonderful you :)

Bless you both!

Peggy said...

Beautiful and wonderful reasons to KEEP on LOVING that man of yours and he is so blessed to have you as well for these same reasons and the many blessings you are to him and us and all who have a moment to see Jesus in you, Denise!!!

365 reasons... you're going strong!!! Woo hoo!
Clearly you love Lovebug but when he was in the hospital, you gave the best witness of your love for him! May God watch over and continue blessing you both!

I'm so glad he makes you SMILE! cuz you sure make me smile when I see you or hear from you! I also love how you go enJOY your lunch at your duck pond and spoon at night, too!

All of these make him special to you! I'm so glad that you both love on Zach this way together. Good for all of you!