Friday, December 23, 2011

Fearless Friday

 Please join me today in praying for those that do not believe there is a God. May their hearts, and eyes, be open to the truth before it is to late. I found out this week, from my sister, that my brother Jim, is an atheist.  I knew that he did not go to church, but I did not realize how bad things were. He has nothing to do with me, he has not called to check on me, at all, since I had my stroke. He tells everyone, that if something happens to me, do not call him, he does not want to be bothered. My sister said, whenever she tries to talk to him about God, he totally shuts down, says the Bible is just a fairy tale. Unfortunately, so many people believe this. We need to cover my brother, and all others, with much prayer, and love. Thank you for joining me.


Peggy said...

Praying with you, Denise!

I'm so sorry how your brother feels about you and does not believe in God! That's awful about him not wanting to be bothered... sounds like Sam saying he does not want me called if he goes to hospital, etc., not wanting me at his death bed, etc. so I definitely can sympathize and pray!

We can only ask that God softened the hardness of heart and break through in Jesus Name by His Spirit, I ask that God surround Jim with people who know and shine Jesus, so that he will want what they have then the rest will come. Good thing your sister can talk to Jim but so dad that he shuts down about God. May God deliver unbelievers from the lies that they have come to hold on to... to cover or fill the unanswered and void parts, rather than hear the truth. May the truth pierce the darkness and lies in Jesus name! May God turn hearts toward Him! Praying for chains to fall and wrong thinking to be exposed by the Truth! May God shine His light and reach the hardened

Love you,

Karen said...

So sorry to read this...will be praying for your brother....

C said...

Sometimes it needs a lot of patience to be an atheist, when everyone tries to convince you. I hope he'll gain more patience :).