Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In Other Words Tuesday

No wound? No scar?
Yet as the Master, shall the servant be,
And pierced are the feet, that follow Me;
But thine are whole. Can he have followed far,
Who has no wound, nor scar? ”

~ Amy Carmichael                                                                                              We all have our share of wounds, and scars. Some are visible, and some are invisible. Some are big, some tiny. Many of us try our best to keep our wounds, and scars hidden away from the world. But, not me.  I am very proud of my wounds, and my scars.  They tell the story of me, a willing servant, and my precious Master. Where He leads, I gladly follow. The wounds, and scars are there on my body, to show the world, that my God is real. He has brought me through the fire many times, showing me what death looked like,but then, pulling me back, renewing my life. Never one time, were there ashes on my body, not even a tiny stench of smoke upon me. Yes, I praise God for every single wound, and scar upon my body!!


From the Heart said...

I can honestly say, Amen, to the article. I never thought of all the scars in that way, but yes, they do show that God is real and He was with me when the doctors put those scars on my body. My neck only shows one but that one was opened 5 times. God is so good, what would I do without Him.
I will certainly think differently about the scars on my body for they do show that God loves me and is taking care of me and you as well.

Robin said...

Good words! Ashes into beauty, scars are our testimony =)

rcubes said...

Hi sister! Whether you visit me or I see you posting, I'm glad knowing you have that strength that comes from Him! I love the fact that you share the signs of stroke here. What you posted is so deep. It makes me reflect my walk with Him and how easily sometimes, I want to give up if I know that suffering is on its way. But in reality, through these trials, we are being strengthened in our characters, a mark of a true Christian...To be willing to serve God Who loved us first. God bless you and always protect you. Believing in your complete healing! Love you in Christ.

Tammi said...

You're so right, Denise..Giving thanks in everything is God's will for our life. This shows a heart that is fully trusting in Him, no matter what's going on around us. So glad you reminded me of "even if we're in the furnace of affliction, we will come out unsinged, and not even SMELLING like smoke!" WOW! Because He is with us! :)
Sending you a big hug!
Love ya, sis
PS..Michael goes back to UVA on Thurs for treatment and more tests. Thanks so much for praying!!

Anonymous said...

This is a very nice heartfelt post, thank you so much for sharing!

I have exposed many of things about myself, and some people might think of this as a weakness, but I don't care as long as it will witness unto another in how powerful my LORD JESUS CHRIST has become in my life!

I'm glad I've gotten to know such a wonderful sister in Christ as you Denise, for by my reading your posts, this has helped me become stronger in our Lord, so again a great many of thanks to you Denise!

Also I want to thank you so much for your commenting to many of my posts on my blog . . . Humble Path.

God's rich blessings to you Denise!

From a brother in Christ,

Cranberry Morning said...

They are battle scars! And Praise God that He is in the business of making us more like His Son.

Saleslady371 said...

It never ceases to amaze me what our God can do with our pain. You have had your share of it, but look at how beautiful you are.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

That is so true...and yet I think so many times we will hide them...and yet they are what He has used to refine the silver to reflect His image

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment

Cathy said...

A beautiful post, Dear ~ praying for you, love you ~

Chatty Crone said...

I guess the scars are there to remind us too of how far we have come. They make us stronger.


Anne Lang Bundy said...

I am especially grateful that the Lord left scars on my dear son where he was healed from an eye affliction that brought blindness to my mother and brother. Every time I see those scars I thank God for His miracles.

I am so happy to see you posting more often, pretty lil bear. Stay strong in spirit every day the Lord lends you breath! YOU ARE A DEAR!

Loni said...

Giving thanks in everything is ohhhh so hard. It's certainly something I am learning thru.

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing today!

Cin said...

I join you in the praise! Although I admit some times mine doesn't come readily.

Tami Boesiger said...

I praise God you recognize the beauty of your scars. Thank you, Denise.

Peggy (mazmagi) said...

Awesome Denise... beautiful words from your wounds and scars, my beloved sister in Christ...from ashes to beauty indeed, we are being refined by the One who was wounded for us and you're so right, those wounds or scars show God's Glory in YOU! A new testimony written on you of His love, by the Master!

Well said by sweet Denise!!!
I love you so much...I see Jesus in you,