Friday, April 1, 2011

Prayers Needed

This is Eddie with an update on Shortybear, she really needs all of your prayers. She has been, and continues to be sicker than I have ever seen her. She is having so much pain in her stomach, and is constantly throwing up. She can barely eat, or drink, and keep it down. She now weighs 112, and is so weak, and tired. Her diabetes has also been causing trouble too, she has been in diabetic acidiosis twice. I have had to take her to the hospital six times, and last week, I had to call the ambulance to come get her. They have still not done the colonoscopy, because she has been so sick. They will be doing it this Friday(April 8) at 9:30 in the morning. Please say a prayer for her, they think she has ulcerative colitis, or crohns disease, plus some other problems. Wednesday(April 6) will be our 26th wedding anniversary, I am so happy to be married to her. I cherish each second with her, I thank God for keeping her here with me, without her, there is no me. Thank you all for loving her, caring about her, and praying for her. We both appreciate your kindness to us. She loves you all so very, very much, and is constantly praying for each one of you. Please keep following her, she loves her blog so much, she misses it. Take care, I promise to keep you updated on her progress.                   Eddie


RCUBEs said...

I truly miss her bro. Eddie and please tell her I haven't forgotten to lift both of you up in my prayers. May the Lord's healing cover her and may He give you both comfort and strength. God bless and tell my sister I love her.

Godsgalnj said...

I love you, dear Denise! I hope you get ALL better soon! Dear Jesus, please grant your daughter COMPLETE healing!!!

Happy 26th Eddie and Denise!

Peggy (mazmagi) said...

Bless you Eddie and sweet Denise... I just let a few know when I read this before I came to visit and saw that Eddie already had another, actually changed the blog's very nice!

Anyways, as I left you first on the April list of Prayer Requests at the Lighthouse, I wrote this afternoon for YOU... "anyone know how she's doing? or in touch, please let us know!" Than Eddie pops up with this so I added it in the comments... besides a small part in the actual blog post.

You know we're praying! But this is NOT the PRAISE report I wanted! I miss you so and I really would like you to be well enough to enjoy your anniversary together... but YOU being WELL would be the best gift to give Eddie. So I will continue to pray daily those healing scriptures, remember? This sounds so terrible and I need you to BE WELL in Jesus'Name... no more of this weight loss and other stuff, you tell that enemy to get out NOW!
You are done with this. May Our Lord give you strength, power and rebuild your tummy to tolerate and be well in Jesus' healing hands...
I trust Him to turn this around and
I ask His mercy and healing power to flow through you. May you find comfort and that pain stop today.
Please Lord, we beg You for Denise to be made well according to Your Word and will we ask for the blood of Jesus to cover every fiber of Denise.

Prayers going up Denise and blessings coming down.OK???

Big HUG and a little Shortybear dance for Eddie blogging!

Thanks Eddie for the update and the fresh pink... though weary wings is not for our Denise, she's a fighter and we pray she keeps fighting!!!

Donetta said...

Thank you thank you Eddie each day my thoughts are with both of you. I have called several times. Give her my love. Remember to take care of yourself too Eddie.

Cathy said...

Thank you Eddie for the update on Denise. I am sorry she is so very sick. She is in my thoughts and prayers. I have been looking for a gift for her for some time now, and I found something pretty for her today. I will try to wrap and mail it soon. Today is my April Fools Birthday. I'm praying a hedge of protection around Denise and pleading the blood of Jesus over her. Lord, please touch our sweet sister and make her whole. I pray for strength and healing for her and Eddie. Happy Anniversary coming up! I love you, sweet Denise. Hugs ~

Pain to Purpose said...

I'm praying for you Denise. You are a special woman and you have an amazing husband too! Satan must see you as a real threat as you've had to endure so much. Susanna and I sing "this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine." Keep shining your light Denise, and don't let Satan blow it out!

Joan said...

Eddie - thanks for providing an update. Denise (and you) have been on my mind lately and in my prayers.

Tell her we miss her and are praying for her recovery.

Happy anniversary to you both.


Angie Knight said...

Thank you Eddie for updating us on Denise! She is often on my heart --in my prayers and on my mind.

She has been an incredible blessing to ALL bloggers who have been blessed by a visit from her or her visit to them. She always leaves such encouraging notes!! On every heart.

Let her know we are praying here! God is able--HE is her healer. give her a hug from Angie.

GodsOwn/Bernice said...

Thanks for the update eddie.
Will keep on praying for more healing and strenght

Marsha said...

I've been praying for my precious friend everyday. Even the grandkids have been asking about her and are praying.

I love you more than words can say. There's so much I want to talk with you about. After we hear your colonoscopy results.

Happy anniversary, y'all. Mike and I celebrate 37 on the 8th.

Pia said...

praying for denise. i miss her a lot. please tell her that we are all praying for her. may God comfort both of you. thank you for updating us, eddie.

Mining for Diamonds said...

bless her heart...praying for you both.

Karen said...

Eddie and Denise, I am praying for you. I petition our Heavenly Father on your behalf. I speak rest and health and peace. I pray for her digestive system to be restored in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.

Peggy (mazmagi) said...

Sweet thoughts of YOU DENISE and Eddie and praying daily, waiting to hear or know that by Jesus stripes You are healed, receive the healing in Jesus Name... and I'm still praying those healing verses for you Denise... remember them?

Romans 10 tells us that faith comes from hearing and hearing from the word of Christ. To help us believe God for healing ourselves, our friends and our families it helps to have a good grasp of the Scriptures concerning healing. These Scriptures are small enough to be written on a business card sized bit of paper, carried around and memorized.

They are HERE if you lost them:

Love and BIG HUGS,

Child of God said...

Hi Eddie,
I came over from Sojourner's blog as he posted for prayer. I will be praying for Denise and you. I do have a blog that I put up prayer requests, may I post this prayer request on my blog? Please let me know.

In the mean time I will be praying and praying,

a sojourner said...

hi Eddie:)

both of you have been on my mind a lot lately. just to let you know, you're both in my prayers.

Gloria said...

Dear Shorty Bear: I ask Jesus by His Word and the stripes he bore on his back for our healing, to HEAL YOU RIGHT NOW, AMEN Love Gloria

Peggy said...

I just found your blog and so sorry to hear about the health problems. Sending up prayers for you both.