Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In Other Words Tuesday

Learning to wait on God's timing - and having the patience to follow his lead rather than running ahead of Him - is essential for those who are committed to seeing their faith journey through to the end. God seldom rushes things along. Getting used to His pace will help you in the long run.

~Marcia Ford - Essentials for Life for Women~ How many of us want what we want, when we want it?? Do you find yourself praying for what you want, expecting your prayers to be answered in a very timely manner, your time, not God's?? This is such a me generation, tending to be very selfish, not selfless. No one seems to take the time to be patient, or to show any self control. We need to all slow down, take some deep, refreshing breaths, and let God. That's right, let God. Allow God to take total control of our life's, let Him lead us. I truly want to run my life at His steady, faithful pace, never getting off track. I do not want to get ahead of Him, I love walking with Him. I am prepared for the journey, no matter how long it may take Father.


Sue said...

Good evening Denise,
What a joy to be visiting you before I go to bed tonight, I have been spending some time listening to your videos, and have been blessed beyond words. You are so precious, and I am so glad that you continue to allow the Lord to minister through you to so many of us, namely me! As I watched the videos, I could see how your face just shines and I was thinking about the glory of God that shines through you. You truly do love people and have such a heart for them.
Your love story really blessed me too.
Thank you for always encouraging me, and for your many prayers. I will continue to lift you and Eddie in prayer too.
Much love to you,

Debbie said...

Oh Denise, waiting can be so hard. And yet God's timing is perfect. We must learn this in the midst of our storms.

I've missed you lately!