Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Sonday

Happy Sonday  sweet friends, praying you all enjoyed your day. The weather here in Tennessee today has been beautiful, sun shining brightly, nice temperatures, in the 60's. Soaked it up, and very much enjoyed it. I hope you choose to soak up the Son daily, and enjoy time with Him. He is more than worthy of our love, devotion, and time. Start spending more time with Him, enter your prayer closet, and let the fellowship with Him begin. I promise you, it will greatly improve your daily life my friends. I am here, praying for you all, and loving you. I have a prayer need, and would very much appreciate your prayers. I am having some major pain with my back, it hurts so badly. The pain goes from the middle of my back, into the right side of my back, and around into my upper abdomen. I have no clue what is causing it, but it hurts so much, that it makes me cry. I was born with a birth defect concerning my appendix, instead of being where it is suppose to normally be, it is in my back. Does anyone know, where I would be hurting if it were my appendix? Take care my friends, and be happy.


Sue said...

I am so sorry Denise for this, I will be praying. I hope it isn't shingles, as I had them last january, and had the same type of pain. Please have it checked out!!
Hugs, Sue

Lisa said...

Denise I will be praying for you. I think you should ask your dr. for either a cat scan of the abdomen or an ultrasound. You could have gallbladder trouble or your appendix could be inflamed either way you need a diagnostic exam. I will be praying and please keep me posted.
I am jealous of your temperatures....but happy for you.

Lisa said...

I will be praying for you. I think you should ask your dr. for a cat scan or an ultrasound of your abdomen. You need a diagnostic study to rule out gall stones, kidney stones or appendicitis. Please keep me posted, I am thinking of you.
I am happy for your temps....I can't wait for us to hit 45 on Friday....woohoo!!!

Godsgalnj said...

I'm sorry that you're going through all that pain! Hope you feel better and that your week goes well. *hugs* much love!

Peggy (mazmagi) said...

Ohhh Denise... I was not sure where to start reading your blog posts that I'm slowly trying to catch up on from my faithful friends that visit and encourage me! So I chose here... because we seem to be almost in the same boat.

I am so sorry that you are in such pain. I wish I knew something to help. But you know I am praying just like you have been praying.
My body aches are lingering today still but I'm so thankful that my back pain is the left and lower, I think than yours, but I ached other places also. That one was making it difficult for me to get up so I only made it to the corner store once. This has hit me out of nowhere. Could this be related to you previous stomach problems?

I'm so glad that the SON is shining on you no matter what! So very true your precious words of spending time with Him. He definitely has my full attention. I've been offline and have such a back log of blogs to try to visit. This did not help.
To find out that you have been sick hurts me even more though I was praying already for you and your health. I've been using a heating pad but my stomach is grumbling for just receiving toast, crackers and 7... today I'm onto Jello and maybe soup. The aching was worse so I can imagine how much pain you are in but NO WORRY,BE HAPPY and just take care. If I was with people, I would have gone for hospital help on Tues. I know I must have been dehydrated. I need to drink more water and I don't. Very dried out. But believing that God will heal us in Jesus' Name.

Love, peace and JOY,