Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hello my precious friends, missed you yesterday. Woke up to really bad storms yesterday morning, knocked our power out. So, I was not able to be on computer yesterday. But, God kept us safe from a nearby tornado. I need your prayers my sweet friends concerning our finances, and my health. I have an appointment with my diabetes doctor this Thursday morning, please pray that she can help me to feel better as far as my stomach is concerned. Also, we need some major prayer concerning our finances. Things are very bad right now, we only have five more payments until our car will be paid off, praise God. But, money is so tight right now, it is harder to make the payment each month. We will be paying it this week, and then will barely have enough money left to get groceries. Next week our rent is due, and I seriously doubt if we will have enough money left to get any groceries. But, we are praising God regardless. He cares about the birds, and supplies their needs, I know He will once again come through for us. Once I get our home phone bill caught up, which includes our Internet service, I will probably have to disconnect it, which means no more computer. I hate that so much, but I do not know what else to do. I wish I could find a job to bring extra money into our home, please say some prayers for us. I love you all.


Karen said...

My prayer: Lord, so many are in a bind financially. Make a way where there is no way. We give You the glory and honor and praise.

LisaShaw said...

Dearest Denise,

My arms of prayer are around you and your husband. As I read your heart-words the WORD OF GOD I have stood on since my youth leaped into my spirit for you and Eddie.

Psalm 27

13 I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD
in the land of the living. 14 Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.

I'm convinced every need will continue to be provided for. Believe to see HIS GOODNESS in every way sis. Love you and praying...

Cranberry Morning said...

Glad to hear you were kept safe from the storm, Denise. I will be praying that God will guide your diabetes doctor to give you the information and help you need. Also that God will and supply your financial needs. We would hate to see you leave Bloggerland.

April said...

I know that you are going through some very trying times right now. You can rest assured that you will be very close in my prayers. Keep trusting and believing that God WILL provide! Big hugs!!!

Rebecca said...

I read; I prayed. I believe! I know God WILL supply all our NEEDS according to His riches in Christ Jesus!

Peggy said...

Sweet blessings and prayers Denise!!!

Did you hear my heart go THUMP?

My dear sister in Christ and friend,
May Our Heavenly Father wrap His arms around you and hold you ever so close. May He pour out His Provision for you and take care of you and Lovebug. We are so thankful for all He has provided and how He has taken care of you both. I agree with sweet lily Karen, may He make a way where there seems no way. May He open up the heavens and bless you for how you bless us. I am so thankful that He kept you safe in the storm and from the tornado as He will continue to watch over you in these 'storms' of finances. But He still is the God of the breaking through! He still is the God of hope and impossibilities made possible! He still is faithful and ever so loving! I confess sister Lisa's Psalm 27 over you to be confident in Him and you will see the goodness of the Lord. Thank You Lord! And also your Psalm 23!!! Though you may walk through the valley of darkness, His rod and His staff brings you comfort and He prepares a table before you. He is Your shepherd, You shall not want.

I will press in with you in prayer.
You declared war and the battle is raging, but warrior for Jesus, you take care of your health and your tummy, that old diabetes can go too. But greater is He who is in you Barbara Denise, child of the King... stand firm, be strong and courageous and send some my way too!

Lots of love and prayers, peace and Jesus!!!

Loren said...

praying Denise! God has done amazing things & I know He will continue to provide for you, His precious daughter!!!!
Praying for healing, open doors & favor!!!!

Pain to Purpose said...

You are so special to me and I am praying!

Peggy said...

ohhh and Thanks for moving the Shortybear by the MUSIC!!!

I'm looking at your "header" and remembering the Cross...listening to your MIXPOD... praying and thinking of you... but I gotta go to Study & Wal Mart... need some DP and phone time!!!

Love ya'
Remember 40 scriptures!!! It's a deal!!!

Bernie said...

Am praying Denise that all will workout for you and your hubby. Please stay safe inside with all these storms going on. Always in my heart and prayers.
....:-) Hugs

Saleslady371 said...

I was sorry to read about those mounting bills. I agree with all the others and pray in faith that Father God send his angels to uphold you and Lovebug now.

Love you!

Michele Williams said...

My precious friend, I know how rough things can be, but like always God will provide. It's rough for us as well. I pray the Lord will give you the peace and comfort you need to know what to pay, how much, and when. I pray you will not have to disconnect from you precious sisters in Christ; I know how much we all mean to you and you to us. We love you and my arms are giving you a great big hug!

Cathy said...

Oh, bless your sweet heart, Dear. I'm praying for God to answer all those needs. I think many are having hard times with finances. I pay too much for my internet services too. Love and Hugs, my sweet friend ~

Cathy said...

Amen to Peggy's prayer, sweet Denise ~ I pray you can continue His ministry. Hugs ~

Goose Hill Farm said...

God will supply you with what you need. He IS in control!

Blessings, Denise~

Debra Kaye said...

Sweet sister, I will be at a funeral for a big portion of the day tomorrow. God is speaking to me now. Can you email me and tell me your needs so I may send it paypal. I know you know me and know I take no glory...my head is cracking and I just came here as directed by Jesus and if I don't ask and get the info now, I'll be gone tomorrow. I'm so excited to see what the amount is....I received a check today in the mail for an over payment of my homeowners insurance!!! We serve an awesome God sister!!! The money is yours. Let's all stick around for a Hallalujah party...my guts telling me the amount is either the same or pretty close. Can I get a witness!!! Waiting for your email!!!

Pia said...

denise, i am praying for you and believing for God's breakthrough in your life. you are always in my prayer, dear sis. i love you!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Oh dear Denise... my heart hurts for you; I know yours is heavy with concern regarding your health and finances. I will, indeed, pray right now for God to move in an unexpected, unanticipated, only as he can move, way on your behalf.

Please let me know if there is any way I can help beyond prayer.


Godsgalnj said...

Wish I could erase those bills for you. My family is going through financial problems as well - so I understand a little bit of what you're going through. I hope that things get smoother financially for you!!