Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thankful Thursday


Loren said...

What a beautiful video! You are so precious Denise and I am in complete agreement with what your card said....You have a beautiful Mothers Heart and NEVER let the enemy tell you any different...You are a beautiful woman of God and HE has given you so much and blessed all of us with you and your love!

I am so thankful for you

RCUBEs said...

I agree with that precious person who acknowledged the "mother" in you. Because being a mother to me, does not mean only those who have kids. Being a mother is having that tender love and care to others which is a gift from above. Happy Mother's Day sister and friend because I also consider you as one. Thank you for your prayers always and for always encouraging me. Thank you for who you are. Your disability may sound so limited but we serve a God of ability. And He is always able. Love to you sis.

Debra Kaye said...

Sweet sis, I couldn't get the video to load. But o
but I love ya!

Beth said...

What a sweet surprise! Flowers, a card and the teddy bear to honor the mother in you. Y'all take care and have a great day :)

Rocks said... do have the mothers heart Denise :)You are such a blessing to any bloggers, your life is an inspiration.

Have a blessed weekend!

Melissa said...

Your gratitude and joy, even through your own challenges, is inspiring. Thank you for making this video for TT!

Alicia said...

What a sweet video!! I love your thankful and grateful heart!!

I loved the flowers and the teddy bear. So cute!

Jerralea said...

It is so beautiful to have a Mother's Heart. God bless you, Denise!

By the way, I love that your signature says, Denise, Warrior for Jesus!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Denise,
Eddie LOL You are too quiet lol
Loove the kitty :) finally we all get to see what kept meowing lol :)

Luv Ya Both :) said...

You do have a "Mother" heart that reaches out to every one you come in contact with dear Denise!!!

You sure bless me all the time and I am so Thankful for your many prayers for me and my family!!

I just did a new post and I shared that my kidney disease was not good..... I just didn't say that the last report said Stage 4 and there is only 5 stages!! I am sure trying to cut down on carbs so I don't over work them so much.
Please pray for me!! Thanks! Love Grams

Lynn said...

Oh Denise,

I cherished every second of this video. You are adorable and I want to be like you when I grow up.

Your giant heart for us, your bloggity friends, and your heart for Jesus inspire me.

I am so lame and wish I had thought to honor you on Mother's Day. You ARE a mom to all of us.

Love the kitty and I felt like I could reach through the screen to hug you and Eddie.

May the Lord bless you and keep you. You honor him greatly with your life. Hugs, Lynn

Debbie said...

Denise, I loved watching this video. It is so nice to hear your sweet voice and also Lovebug's.

I am so glad a friend (hmm ...I think I might know who) sent you the flowers, teddy bear and card. Such precious words of love.

Denise, I understand what it is to try to become a mother and it doesn't happen. I tried for many years and was unable and I agree God had other plans for me too. I get a little twinge every Mother's Day though. My own mom is also in heaven and I would have loved to be a mom. But there are so many young bloggers that I get to minister to and I have a few in real life that I can mother.

Love you,

More Than Conquerors said...

You made me cry, Denise! It's so sweet of you to make this video. You are so loved by God and all your friends. We love you regardless of how your condition is. And you definitely perfect and accepted by God in Christ our Lord. May you continue to know His love and blessings no matter what tomorrow holds because He hols your tomorrow! Thank you for your visit and prayers. I love you too.

With love and prayers,

Nana Jul said...

Your heart is such a tender heart, and your gratefulness shines on your face! God bless you sweet one. A Mother's heart indeed!
Happy Mother's day!

Pia said...

denise, i was teary eyed watching your video. i know how it feels to want so much to be a mother. i, too, am praying that God give me the chance to bear my husband children. i really want to be a mother too. denise, i see in you full of LOVE and you constantly encourage me in so many ways more tan you'll ever know. i wish i can do more for you, but right now, i don't have the luxury to do so. but i would love to help you in any way i can. always remember that i love you, my dear sister in Christ. you make JESUS so alive in your life that my doubts (which hit me every so often) are crushed right down. i'm grateful for your life and your marriage with eddie is such a blessing. i pray to God that my husband will come home soon and be with me through thick and thin. denise, in spite of your temporary disability, you are magnificently blessed and loved by God and all of us. you are so precious. i will continue to pray for you and eddie. i love you, sis.

Karen said...

You are precious...and the permanent thing...well...we KNOW everything here is temporal...we will spend eternity healed and whole...glory!

Tammy Real-McKeighan said...

Hi Denise! You are wonderful! I'm very thankful for you! You demonstrate a mother's love to me! I lost my mother, Evelyn, in 1993. You would have loved her. She was very kind. She'd compliment others and never try to draw attention to herself. She was incredibly good and giving and she loved Jesus as her Savior and trusted him for her salvation. Bless you this Mother's Day! You're special to people all over the place - even here in Nebraska!

Marsha said...

You bless my soul every time you do a video. I love seeing you and Eddie. Sure do miss you!

Love you dearly.

Donetta said...

Hello Sis
How wonderful to finally have it put into words and actions how we feel about your mothering of all of our hearts. I too awaited Motherhood for 16 years. Two paths merged. Yes booth are gifts to have and to have something other. He knows what His will is for our lives.
Like me during those yester years. It caused in us a great capacity to have the level of compassion that few other things than a baron womb can mature.
But remember as he once often said to me . The children of the baron woman shall be MANY!

Just Be Real said...

Denise what a precious video. I love your accent and your whole family, including the beautiful vicious cat. :) Glad you were blessed and thank you for sharing your blessing with us. Thank you for being so real. Blessings.

mommaof3 said...

awww the flowers is beautiful!
i have 2 black cats maybe i can get around make a video to show them to ya. and shortybear you be my mom.:)
love ya hugs

Joan Davis said...

Oh Denise! I loved the video message from you! I am just "getting to know you" as I only found your blog a week or so ago after you posted a comment on mine, but I can already see and hear what a sweet person you are. Thank you for your upbeat attitude -- it is encouraging and inspiring. Have a wonderful weekend and know that on Sunday, there are many ladies out here in "blogger-ville" who are thanking God for you.

Tea With Tiffany said...

I am crying again, Denise. :) You touch my heart. I pray for you and Eddie all the time. Believing for more joy and love to flood your hearts. Healing too.

Love and hugs