Wednesday, April 21, 2010


If, for a moment, we stand in peace and quietness

And let our Saviour come near to us,

Will not the Holy Spirit like a wind,

Engulf us with the inspiration of His eternal word?

If, for a moment, we give our time to a personal friend

And allow the love of Christ to fill us,

Will we not feel the touch of His hand,

That ministers through our weakness to bless another?

If, for a moment, we stop to gaze at the Cross of Christ

And see the Father weep for the Son;

Will we weep too, and know the passion

Of His glorious victory over evil, suffering and death?

If, for a moment, we stand back from the distraction of life,

And wait for the voice of God to speak;

Might we hear a whisper in the world,

That tells us He is full of love, and never stops His caring?

Take the time, my soul; yes, take the time.


Alicia said...

I agree. There are so many distractions to keep our eyes off of Christ!!

jo.attalife said...

Too, too true. It's too obvious to miss, yet that's what I often do. The path of least resistance is the one that leads away from Him. Sigh. I'm a long way off.
Thanks, Denise, for this reminder.
And I'm praying for you.

Shelby said...

I LOVE this, Denise. Thanks for sharing it. Yes, time is one of our most precious commodities and so many of us squander it. I sure learned that lesson the last few weeks!

Karen said...

If...we don't do these things...what a tragedy....

rcubes said...

This is the hard "if's" to simply ignore. Beautiful. Blessings and love to you sister.

Andrea said...


I love the ladybug look!!

Blessings, andrea

Donetta said...

This morning was spent in such a wonderful moment of two hours picking harvesting poppy seed. I thought a lot of the person those visions of what I would love to do in life . I remembered a long ago dream of walking in the forest or along country roads and tossing wild seed. Then I saw it. All the roads I take every week...tossing poppy seed along the way. The children would also see and know that their mother began those flowers in that field years ago. Would that just be the coolest legacy.

Cathy said...

That is precious, my friend. Love you ~

terry said...

Wonderful post. So true. Thanks for sharing this. Your friend Sherry at my journey back

Debra Kaye said...

Blessings to you, sweet sister.