Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pursuing Love- Anger

Our questions to consider this week are:

1.Do you have the kind of love that overlooks offenses, or do you get easily irritated when your rights are violated? I do not get easily irritated when my rights are violated, my love chooses to overlook offenses.
2.Do you fly off the handle and blow up easily, or do you have the kind of love, that is unchanged by circumstances? My love is not changed by circumstances, life is too short to be angry.
3.Are you easily upset by unpleasant circumstances, that are beyond your ability to control or change? No, God is the One in total control of my life circumstances, there is no need for anger.
4.Do you cast blame, when in reality you are simply being touchy, or thin-skinned?
Do you think God can heal your angry heart? He made the world, of course He can heal your angry heart! I am a very emotional person, but do not cast blame. Anger is from satan, and I refuse to give him a place in my life.

He tells us to put off anger, and to put on forgiveness, self control, kindness, and love.


RCUBEs said...

Such great reminders, too. God bless sis.

bp said...

Good point that life is too short to be angry.

Have a lovely day, friend.

Peggy said...

WOW Denise...I wish I was more like you! Great responses :) To pursue LOVE; anger needs to be cast aside and you have beautifully reminded us how to respond. Life is too short to waste any moment in anger or holding on or even responding in anger. I must admit (as if you couldn't tell I get irritated easily) but I'm doing better. Blessings & thanks!

Cathy said...

Thank God for His gifts of the spirit and love. You two are blessed.

luvmy4sons said...

Great questions. I would have to say that God has taken me a long way with these questions. I don't think my answers even a few years back would be the same as they are now.

Barbra said...

Lovely the things you write, Denise! I am very grateful for the good things God gave to me in my life! So I try not to be angry when I encounter probems.
Maybe it is more difficult to someone who had/has to fight for every single good bit (eg. love) in her/his life. I pray to the Lord to help them.

Marsha said...

Hello sweet friend! What a great point to bring out - life is too short to be angry. That's the same with worry and fear, too. But they can all be hard to do all the time.

I love you!

LauraLee Shaw said...

Precious Denise, I love your holy boldness, yet speaking it in gentleness and love. Loving difficult people can be a struggle for me when I'm not fully surrendered to the Holy Spirit. Amazing how much easier it all is when I give up my entitlement, my expectations and my ego. It's easier cuz that's what He did for us!

I think this is such an important topic in these days. Love you, dear sister.

Georgia said...

I'm slow to anger myself, but that's probably because it takes a LOT to make me mad.

Great post, Denise! Thanks for sharing!!