Monday, February 8, 2010

The Battle Has Only Begun

Hello my precious friends, praying you are all doing well. Today was a very long day, with some unexpected twists and turns for me, and my dear beloved lovebug. Today, was his first day of infusion treatments, they continue tomorrow morning. His blood pressure went up several times, please pray it will do better tomorrow. We were given some news today, concerning lovebugs condition. He does not have Guillian Barre Syndrome, instead, he has what is known as CIDP. It is in the same family as MS, it is a autoimmune disease. It is a chronic disease, but guess what?? Our God is a mighty, mighty God. War is waging in lovebugs body, but our God is the most powerful warrior ever. He is our healer, our true physician. We believe, we believe. Father God, we love You, and we are calling on You, and crying out to You for healing. Just one touch from You Father, that is all it takes. You are faithful. We continue to march on.


Andrea said...

Praying with you for the Master Healer's touch upon your hubby's body.

Wendy said...

Denise and Eddie, I'm so sorry your day was so hard. Pour out your hearts to the Lord, for He loves you and has you in the palm of His hand. Keep your eyes on Him, and not the storm. He will see you through. May God comfort you and give you peace. Praying for healing.

Debbie said...

Denise, I am praying along with you on this journey. Thank you for always taking the time to visit Heart Choices and adding your comments. I appreciate you so much and love you.


Alleluiabelle said...

Precious Sister,

My heart aches with this news yet it rejoices in praise, honor, glory and thanksgiving to our Lord, the Ultimate Physician...yes one touch, just one divine miraculous touch in Edie's body to be made whole once again in Jesus precious name I pray. Amen.

I love you Denise and your lovebug too. I continue to stand and kneel deeply planted in His Word, His promises, His everything.

Big Hugs,

Joyfulsister said...

Amen Sis ((((Hugz)))
God is bigger than any problem, and he is a healing Jesus. The battle belongs to the Lord, our great physician, nothing is too hard for him to do!!! We gonna keep storming the Heavens in behalf of your precious hubby and that throne room will be full of prayers as well from all the others joining as well.

Keep the faith and keep trusting the one who knows what is best..

Luv ya Lorie

Hootin' Anni said...

You are BOTH in my prayers.

In all your time of turmoil, you continue to amaze me with your kindness and thoughtfulness of others......THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR MAKING MY BIRTHDAY SO VERY SPECIAL WITH YOUR WARM, LOVING BIRTHDAY WISHES!!! You made my day.

luvmy4sons said...

I know that in this new diagnosis God is working out a wonderful plan. Still praying! Love you both!

April said...

Denise...I know that you and your hubby have a lot to deal with right now, but always remember that nothing is too big for God to handle. Praying for peace and comfort in the days ahead.

Angie said...

Agreeing in prayer with you for God's total healing for your lovebug.

Rebecca said...

I'm praying per your instructions and for even MORE according to God's riches in Christ Jesus.

What kind of infusions is he receiving? How long does this process take & how many will he need (or do you know).

Gretchen said...

Praying for a total healing, total comfort, joy and peace for you both. xxxooo

Heather said...

oh Denise. I am praying so much for you both.

Alicia said...

Continuing to pray, Denise!

Peggy said...

Blessings sweet Denise, Power & strength be yours in Christ Jesus for "the battle that you say has only just begun". God is more powerful than any matter what name...there is healing for Eddie in God's hands. May you both find strength for each day as you go forward in this treatment and keep on trudging through with God's wisdom & grace. May His touch and the many prayers defeat this invader of the autoimmune system and restore his strength with God's

God is not finished! But the victory has been won. Your Almighty Healer is there with you both. Hold on and believe. Remain faithful!

Love & prayers,

daylily777 said...

Hi Denise,
I am keeping you both in my prayers.
I appreciate your visits & comments to my blog .
Love in Christ,

Jaime Kubik said...

Praying for you every morning.

Faith Imagined said...

I am keeping you and lovebug in my prayers. I will be praying for healing and strength.

Marsha said...

I'm going to look this up.

You must've put this up last night after I came over to visit. I didn't see it until now.

Love you both! PRAYING!

Kim said...

Just able to catch up... praying that all goes well with the new diagnosis and treatment, with your health, with the Lord's provision. You are in my prayers!

Sharon Brumfield said...

Well I thank God for the wisdom He is giving the doctors. With more wisdom comes a better handle on how to treat Eddie.
And you are right...just one touch...that is all that is required. I do know this....He is faithful.
Thanks for the encouraging words. ;)
Love you girl!!!! Big time!!!!

Irene said...

You amaze me with your faith.And you are encouraging me. And I love you alot. Thank you.

Lea said...

Been thinking of you alot Denise.
I have never heard of the disease your husband was diagnosed with. But you're right.. .our God's mighty and you just gotta keep trusting Him.
I'm catching up on your blog...
Love n prayers,

Anonymous said...

Sorta good news, isn't that? I mean that it isn't GBS? Praying that he tolerates the treatment well. God, please heal him!