Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thank You

Thank You seems so inadequate, our hearts are overflowing here at the Oldham's. We are so beyond grateful for the precious heart blessings we are receiving from the blogging community. Your prayers, cards, financial gifts, phone calls, concern, precious friendship, and love, are more than appreciated. Each night, your names are lifted up high toward heaven, we are thanking God for all of you. You will never know how very, very much you all mean to us. Thanks for cheering my lovebug on towards his healing. We remain diligent in our preparing for his miracle, and God still rules. Be blessed my friends, you are all dearly loved and appreciated.


Saleslady371 said...

Likewise, Denise. You and Eddie are precious to us. It is a privilege to pray and stand believing with you!

Oh Sew Good said...

I'm happy that your husband is home with you and that he is not in the hospital. It just goes to show you that there's nothing that can separate you from the Love of God. :)

Barbara said...

He is Jehovah Jirah and will use any who are willing to provide just what you need. You are such a blessing to all those you come in contact with you.

You are both in our prayers!

sarah said...

It's a privilage to stand with you. stay strong ok.

luvmy4sons said...


Thank You for Denise and Eddie. I ask Your blessing upon them. I ask for healing and miracles and grace and strength and peace to abound. In Your name. Amen.

Love ya girl. Sending hug to you and Eddie.

Renee said...

Lifting you both up in prayer for strength and God's healing touch.
Our God is a mountain moving God and I pray He moves mountains for you this day!

Sharon Brumfield said...

I am so glad that the body of Christ is stepping up to the plate....makes me so proud to be part of this family. When we love as He loves it makes life so much easier.
Love you both...praying.

Love Bears All Things said...

You are most welcome. We do it because we love you.
Mama Bear

Devita said...

I love you, Denise.

Jeremiah 29:11

Peggy said...

Sweet blessings Denise...You have poured yourself out to many of us bloggers many times in our needs so I guess this is your turn for seeing a return on what you sow, you will may the outpouring overflow and be exceeding and abundant, immeasurable: all that GOD makes available, for Your Heavenly Father knows your every need and He is watching over you both! All I have to give is my prayers Denise but you can count on my prayers be lifted for Eddie & you daily. You are constantly brought to my mind & heart. My hopes are that God will use every moment to bring you to a place of glory & move mightily with His grace & healing touch. That this time of difficulty will pass quickly and that you both see the hand of God & a move of His Spirit
around you; for its not by might, nor by power, but through His Spirit. He is your sufficiency! He is your strength! He is your rock! He is your shield! He is your comfort! He is your Provider. He is the Healer - the Great Physician!
His Spirit is moving mightily over you both to take you from this to a day of glory & triumph! The victory is yours & Eddie! I only wish that you had a church body right there that would care as we all do! But God is THERE...right there...always with you. He is Jehovah Jireh! Keep seeking Him & His wisdom as you encounter each decision & choice!
Take it easy! Love, hugs & prayers,

April said...

You don't have to say "thank you"...friends are meant to be there in times of need. Still praying for you both!

RCUBEs said...

What's being a Christian mean if we don't share the love that comes from the Lord? He alone deserves all our thanks and praises. He brought us altogether here in blogosphere. Thank you for your prayers sister and praying always for His miracle of healing for bro. Eddie. God bless and keep you both always. Be strong in the Lord's mighty Power! [Ephesians 6:10].

Megan Hoover said...

I don't know you but your story moved me. I found you from Mary (A Splendid Adventure). Prayers coming your way for healing -- emotional and physical.
--Megan Hoover

Karen said...

You are both so precious in His sight...and have poured out so much love to others...this is just a small return on what you have faithly sowed....

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Praying for you both, You are so special to me.

MyJourneyBack said...

Oh you came to see me. Thank you. I logged on to write another post and saw you were by so I had to come by. I love the new look. We are praying for you. I wish I could do more to help you. I remember you everyday.

Allison said...

We are in constant prayer for you both and we love you so very much! Even though we are so very far away (geographically), please let us know if we can do anything to help! LOVE YOU!

Lisa said...

God is so good and I'm so glad that you can stand on His promises -- "to give you a future and a hope". AMEN


Mary said...


I'm so glad that Eddie is on his way to recovery and that you are helping him with his therapy. It is very difficult, I know.

Praying for both of you and asking our heavenly Father to look over you.


eph2810 said...

You have always been the greatest encourage around the blogging community...It is time for us to give back to you, my friend.

Love & peace,

e-Mom said...

Just checking in Denise, and I'm reading your news for the first time. What a story!

"And all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well"-- Julian of Norwich.

Bless you sweet friend.

Hugs, e-Mom

Alleluiabelle said...

Hi My Sweet & Precious Sister,

I love you so much and you know my prayers are being said faithfully for your sweet husband and for you. I'm kneeling beside you in absolute divine intervention and miraculous healing for Eddie, you and for us. You have been such a strong prayer support for me with your encouraging words for both of us...all I can say is the Lord is just so absolutely majestically beautiful and through Him all that may seem impossible to many in this earthly world is made possible through Him, through Jesus Christ. BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE ALL HEALED! May everything in Eddie's body, your body, my body and Ron's body be made whole again by His divine healing touch.

Thank you Father. Thank you Jesus.

I love you both Denise. May God cover you both with His grace, peace, comfort, tranquility, joy, tender mercies, strength, courage and so very much more in Jesus precious name I pray. Amen!

{{{Big Hugs to both of you}}}

Serendipity said...

Both of you are in my prayers, Denise.

Pia said...

sweet denise. you are loved by so many of us here even i f i haven't met you in person yet. wish i could talk to you over the phone. i developed deep friendship with a blogger friend. i mentioned her several times on my blog. we talk about Jesus and His plans... we pray for each other... i'd love to have this kind of friendship with you too.

the Lord is faithful to ALL His promises and you shall see deliverance in the land of the living. God loves you so much. please say hi to your lovebug for me. =D

Debra Kaye said...


How delighted I was to see your name pop up in my inbox! I've been praying for you and your lovebug.

Can you send me your address to my email address so that I may send you a card.

Love you bunches,


Sheri said...

I am praying for you! I love your heart for the Lord and how you are believing for a miracle. I will believe with you.

I have added a link to your blog on my website at:

I made a video about hope and I thought it might encourage you. You can watch it at

Angie said...

God is on the Throne!

Tea With Tiffany said...

SO thankful for you. Praying still. I've been out of town this weekend and busy last week, but as you and Lovebug came to mind, I've prayed.

I love you...

daylily777 said...

You are both in my prayers.
Love in Christ,