Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Weight

Hello my friends, praying you are all doing well. I am doing super duper well this evening!! I have decided to not participate anymore in any weight loss challenges online. Please know that I greatly support any of you that are in these challenges, you are all very awesome. I tend to become very hard on myself, pushing myself way to much, and it seems to always affect my diabetes. So, I am going to take my time, slow and steady will win this weight loss battle. Right now, I am still weighing 175. But, compared to 258, which was what I was weighing three years ago, I have come a long way baby!! I still have many more pounds to go, but they will go, in time. Take care my friends, love you all.


Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi Denise,
Yes you have come "a long way baby," and I so applaud you. I am like you. sometimes i have a tendency to push myself to hard, and when i fall short, in comes the guilt.

I am still trying to lose, but at a slower pace too.With me going on the trip and enjoying great food. I have come back trying to watch my portions and doing my exercise more faithfully too.

I think you have made a wise choice, because no one knows their body any better than we do , except the Lord...... I will contine to pray for you, and ask that you pray for me as well.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

That's quite alright Denise. You have to take care of yourself. It seems when doing these types of things, we tend to push ourselves too much. With diabetes that is not a good thing. You have a great attitude and it will happen! Praying for you sweetie. Love you, Tammy

Lea said...

Hey Denise,
You HAVE come a long way baby!
Just stoppin by to say I love ya and am praying for you.
Holykisses my super dooper friend!
Love Lea

Rocks said...

Wow! you're right dear..you have come a long long way :) That was very inspiring! I hope I do win with the weight loss battle too!

rcubes said...

You know your body well sister so way to go! You know what will work and what not. Stress does make your blood sugar to go high. And you did a lot of progress already from those numbers you had mentioned! Slow and steady wins the race... :) even with our walk with the Lord in finishing what He started in each of us. Praying for you. God bless.

Marsha said...

I'm so very proud of you! You just keep following Him and He will continue to lead you in the right direction for you.

I'm with you. For me, I get competitive and make comparisons between myself and others. Then it becomes performance based rather than as an act of discipline and obedience to the Lord.

Anne L.B. said...

Wow! You've done a fantastic job! I'd love to know your secret, though I suspect all your praise has something to do with our sweet Lord blessing your efforts. Even if you're offline, I'll be praying for you. My love and blessing to you! ~ Anne

Christine said...

Slow and steady is my motto too.

You have come so far! That is definately inspiring to hear.

Keep on keepin' on, best of luck with your health.

Pia said...

denise, you are in my prayers. may God grant you good health. i'm believing that for you. love ya! (((HUGS)))

Gretchen said...

God will lead you where He wants you to go--it seems He already has. Your weightloss to date is such a huge accomplishment! Blessings, friend. You are beautiful no matter your shape, size or amount of hair on your head.

Love Bears All Things said...

You certainly have come a long way and you have to be proud of yourself for keeping it off. I have found what works for me and it certainly isn't fasting or limiting certain essential food groups from my diet. I just try to eat lots of veggies and fruits, limit my fat and stay away from sweets. I don't like feeling guilty or depressed when I don't measure up to what others are doing. So I say whatever works for you, keep on doing it. There is something to be said for maintaining. You have to keep your diabetes in check so just do what the doctor and dieticion tell you.
Mama Bear

Chris said...

way to go!! you have come a long way!