Monday, June 22, 2009

Focus On Missions

Mike & Ghed Miguel
Church planting and leadership development in the Philippines

Fast Facts

Birthdays Mike (12/27), Ghed (11/5)
Anniversary (1/16)
Family Michael Gerald (4/30), Christine Grace (3/4), David Gideon (11/7)
Education Mike: B.S. in commerce, 1981, Polytechnic University of the Philippines; certified public accountant, 1981, Philippines Ghed: B.S. in nursing, 1976, University of the East, Philippines
Appointed October 2008
Home Church Circle Drive Baptist Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado


Anticipated Ministry Focus: Church planting, leadership development and expanding partnerships in strategic cities of the Philippines.
The People: Most Filipinos wander in abject poverty and spiritual darkness and endure the rule of corrupt government and oppression of empty traditional and cultural religion. Over half of the Philippine population live below the poverty line, and only 3 percent are believers.
Ministry Experience: Mike has planted a church in Hawaii and served as associate pastor in three churches over a period of 12 years. He is gifted in evangelism, teaching, preaching, discipleship, music and administration. Ghed has been involved in evangelism and teaching with women and children. Her nursing skills have helped her minister to the sick, and her compassion has endeared her to those she has ministered to.
Prayer Focus: Please pray that God would quickly raise up a solid core of supporters to join the Miguels in their ministry. Please pray that the Lord would work out all the details of their departure and that even now God would prepare the hearts of those they would minister to.

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Praying for the Miguels, thanks for sharing !