Monday, June 8, 2009

Focus On Missions

Brenda Allen
Serving among the Maninka people group in Guinea

Ministry Update

Brenda Allen is continuing to nurture relationships with friends in the town of Kankan, Upper Guinea, where she lives, as well as in rural villages that she travels to regularly. She has started to use her skills as a nurse and educator in teaching rural village people basic health care and prevention, as well as sharing stories from the Bible. She is also striving to learn the Maninka language better in order to work and witness well in an oral culture.

Brenda is working in conjunction with a Serving in Mission (SIM) missionary and a national partner to empower rural people to transform their lives and those in their communities. In one village there has been great openness to health awareness and Bible teaching after Brenda and her ministry partner cared for two of the chief's sons who were badly burned. The two men had third degree burns which were healed in a miraculous way and there are people in this village now considering a personal relationship with God.

Fast Facts

Education B.S. in nursing, 1987, Biola University La Mirada, California
Appointed July 1992
Home Church Calvary Church, Los Gatos, California


Primary Ministry Focus Brenda is involved in Maninka language learning and redemptive relationship building.
The People The Maninka people are a least reached people group of 4 million who live primarily in Upper Guinea, West Africa. They are primarily sustenance farmers.
Major Challenges Spirit and fetish worship are woven into Maninka people's core beliefs along with other religious practices. A personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ seems impossible for them to fathom.
Prayer Focus May God speak to the people in Guinea through dreams, visions, His Word and the life witness of those following the Jesus road. Pray that the less than 100 Maninka believers would stand firm in their faith.

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