Monday, April 20, 2009

Mission 4 Monday


When you donate toys to needy or sick children, you provide inspiration and a glimmer of hope.

Without sufficient toys and books, children don't develop necessary motor skills, says the National Institute for Early Education Research. Studies also show that infant toys are critical for brain growth that affects learning later in life. Because play is essential for children to lead happy, healthy, and productive lives, all children need at least simple toys like balls, blocks, costumes and crayons.

Older children without toys are more likely to be involved in fighting or other negative behaviors. On the other hand, when a neglected child receives a game or toy donation, he can develop necessary social skills, such as sharing.

There are over 29 million needy children in the U.S. who live in low income families, according to the National Center for Children in Poverty. These children have little inspiration for the imaginative, fulfilled lives that all children deserve. When you donate a toy to a needy child, you provide a positive outlet for the child's energy and creativity.

Needy children with chronic health conditions are at especially high risk. Days spent in hospitals and clinics can be long and lonely. Often, the environment is sterile and bleak. Tests and sometimes painful treatments occupy their days. Your donation of art supplies, stuffed animals or board games can brighten an impersonal room or provide entertainment.

With just a simple toy, you can make a world of difference in the life of a needy or sick child.

To donate a toy to a needy child:

  • Drop off a toy donation at a social service agency or homeless shelter near your home. Check your phone book under "social (or human) service organizations." Or use this link to find a social service agency.
  • Donate toys during the holiday season to the Salvation Army or Toys for Tots.
  • Donate toys online. My Two Front Teeth is a nonprofit organization that provides donated toys to underprivileged children in daycare, preschools and community agencies. Sign up to receive an email notification prior to the next holiday season. Once you browse profiles of the eligible children, choose a child to sponsor, then purchase and donate toys online via My Two Front Teeth.

To donate toys to a sick child:

  • Donate toys, books and games to your local Ronald McDonald House.
  • Donate board games your family no longer uses to a local children's hospital.
  • The Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., keeps "Dr. Bear's Toy Closet" stocked with toys and games for young patients. The medical center provides guidelines and suggestions for toddler and infant toys and games for older children.

If you have children that receive an abundance of gifts at Christmas and birthdays, consider starting a tradition of sharing. Encourage your kids to re-gift one of their many presents to less fortunate children; or at least, ask your children to donate toys they have outgrown, if those toys are in mint condition, and still in their original packaging.


Omah's Helping Hands said...

What an awesome heart you have! We donate often to different organizations. But some of your suggestions made me realize we can be doing more. There are so many children in the world without. There are programs for children outside the U.S. as well. Great post!

Genejosh said...

Hope we can have the opportunity to donate toys for these children...

BTW, I recently bought a new domain for my blog Her_HisStory ( It was changed to Her and History with URL

Hope you'll update my account in your site..Thanks

luvmy4sons said...

THAT is a FABULOUS mission for Monday!

bp said...

We have many extra toys around here we could donate.

Peggy said...

Just beautiful Denise! How much bigger can your heart get!!! Great suggestions & love for all kids!

Let me tell you Denise, you never cease to aMaze me with your MISSION

I almost feel like you a a true missionary right from your heart for kids! Post & post, mission after bless me at Mission 4 Monday! It's too bad not enough see this or join us!