Thursday, March 5, 2009

Question Of The Day

Here is todays question: How do you juggle time for blogging, time for your own Bible study, time for your family, and time for real life friends?


BoufMom9 said...

I think the big one is finding time to blog... I do all of my blogging in the evening , after the kids are in bed, with the news on in the background :)

The day is for my family and my God.

Esthermay said...

Great Question!
Answer: I don't!
Something always suffers.
First things first.
God and Family ALWAYS come first. The rest = suffers on a busy day.

Gretchen said...

Oh, dear! I don't juggle well. I take things as they come and take short breaks throughout the day.

I will say, committing to at least one blog-free day a week does seem to help balance. It's hard to do though.

Gail W. said...

Oh my goodness, Denise! Life for the past few weeks has felt like juggling pianos! This morning is the first chance I've had to catch up on all my blog friends - I have missed all of you so much! I've been thinking of you and praying God's blessings on you which helped a little - but I am floating on air that today I can treat myself to a few hours of pure Blogland absorption. Thank you for being so faithful - your beautiful comments always lift me higher! Love you, dear friend.

Lady of Value said...

It is very hard to balance your times for all of these. I ususally blog and do Bible study in the morning after I take the kids to school. By that time, it is lunch time and my husband is able to come home for lunch somedays, so we enjoy that hour of togetherness without the kids. Then from early afternoon on... it is family time. (homework, dinner, dishes)Then is TV time or game time. I don't really have too much time for my real life friends. I do email a lot though to keep in touch with them.

MyJourneyBack said...

hmmm.Well since I don't have kids at home this isn't as difficult for me. I spend most of my time reading between other things like cleaning the house and laundry and stuff. Just short spurts throughout the day. My mind usually works while I am doing mundane tasks so I might write a post anytime it doesn't matter.
Like I said yesterday trying to struggle to get reading my Bible in is difficult for me. I am a woman of systems and plans and schedules. Recently I haven't had much of that and so that is what makes it difficult for me to juggle. For me I have to have a specific time for stuff and then it just fits and works. One suggestion that has always worked for me is to read my Bible either during lunch or right after if other people are around. This regenerates me and keeps me from taking an afternoon nap!
I can't wait to see what you do with all this.
Many Blessings.

Heather said...

hmm, the computer is in the kitchen so i just blog whenever i get a free minute or two. usually whenever i'm in the kitchen for something i'll stop and check email, other blogs for updates, etc before heading out of the kitchen to do something else! as far as my own posting, i sit down once a week or two and do many posts as once and schedule them to post on the appropriate days, that way i'm not having to set aside more time each day to do that. it works well for me. it frees up more time so i can spend it off the computer and gives me more chances to read everyone's else's updates!

mrshester said...

Well, I have no children, unless you count the dog (which I sometimes do lol) so the time between dh leaving for work and getting home is pretty much all mine. I'll usually read Scripture and do my major blogging in the hours that leaves, along with my daily housework. I'm afraid since I came back to the Lord, the people I used to consider friends aren't around anymore. But, I feel like God is beginning to bring some wonderful Christian women into my life closer to home, so we'll see. It's basically a day-by-day thing for me right now.

April said...

I do most of my blogging in the wee hours of the morning while Brittany is getting ready for school. Then, I might check on it as I can throughout the day. I read my Bible at bedtime...find it better to concentrate then. Everything else just seems to fall into place...most days!

Sandi said...

Time for blogging is last most of the time. I take care of house stuff first. Then bible study and I split blogging and friends. I don't see friends every day and I don't blog every day.

Samantha said...

I'm continually trying to learn the balance too. It's a work in progress type thing.

Sarah said...

It's not easy of course to blog always, I find time in the evening after everything is done but not always.

Thanks for a reminder anyway. I like your blog. God be with you...

Laurie Ann said...

I have a system. I do my Bible reading first. Then comes the rest. If I do the first thing first, the rest falls into place. I work outside the home but have lots of time for blogging and keeping up personal friendships.

Beth in NC said...

I'm not doing a very good job at it actually. I have the most time to blog while my family sleeps! If I spend too much time on my blog, then my house definitely suffers.

I haven't found the perfect balance yet!

I am starting a "reading through the bible in a year" thingie (great word, eh?) and I will be reading scripture FIRST, then checking my blog.

Bless you Denise!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Oh... I had been in the blogging world for 6 months, and I admit, it is really hard. Just random. I always see to it I have time for everything. :)

Deanna said...

I don't juggle it well! In fact, I have had my husband take the pieace of equipment out of the house that links us to the internet with him to work for the past two days!!! No joke! My 14 yr old son thinks I'm nuts! But, I have to do what I have to do if I am too tempted to spend too much time at the computer!!!!!
(man, did I just admit that about myself????) I think I am going to start to try to limit myself to use the computer on weekends only, but I have to get the discipline part down first :O)

Bible study:
I usually wake earlier than the kids and spend time reading the word, drinking my coffee, and talking to the Lord (prayer). Sometimes I just sit quiet before the Lord. (I t-r-y to do this everyday- but, I can't say that I am always faithful to do so.) I keep a notebook too alongside my Bible time, and sometimes if I fel inspired I'll blog that morning about what I read.

we homeschool, so I do a lot with my kiddos. When daddy comes home in the evening we usually always have a sit down supper of some sort and just talk ... "do normal". On the weekends we usually use Sat. to do some sort of family activity even if it is just taking a walk or maybe going bowling.

Friends: Our family connects every Wed for small group with a set of close friends we usually spend about 2 hours doing this- including supper with them. We also have church on Sundays. Sometimes I get to spend time with my girlfriends when the kids are involved with homeschool activites. And sometimes, my friends and I just plain ol' schedule a breakfast date or a movie :O)

ohh.... lots to juggle!!!

the biggest are of problem for me is the computer!!

hugs, Deanna

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

I'll have to agree with Esthermay.

Sab said...

I've learned not to sit on the computer until I've done all my other stuff first. Although I've noticed time with hubby is suffering. We get together with friends on a regular basis (it's a set day... works well for me), family too, and of course, babies demand certain attention... I do daily devotions in the morning and evening, but time with hubby... well... we're trying to set a regular date night and it is just not working out well. Sigh.

Allison said...

- Blogging to me, really, is last in my life. My family, church, friends, etc - all of that comes first. I really don't "study" the Bible like I should, but I try - but I do pray and talk to God throughout the day, so I hope that counts :) My faith is definatly #1 though, but I spend a lot more time trying to practice my faith (outreach, ministries, volunteer work, etc) then studying or something like that - not that studying is a bad thing, obviously :) I wish I had more time for my "real life" friends, but with schedules being the way they are, we do the best we can and see each other at least once a week at church and then sometimes after church.

A Stone Gatherer said...

This is a struggle for me! I find myself blogging less and less! I hate that I sometimes go to the computer 1st in the morning instead of my time with God! I read something just yesterday that challenged me! God first! I must discipline myself to do this!

Jewel said...

Well, blogging is last on the list, especially now that I am caring for our newborn grandson from 6:30am-6pm Monday-Friday.
Soooo, I've had to rearrange some things because having a baby in the house means I can't be very spontaneous.
I get up early...5:30am. This gives me time to pray, get myself ready for the day, and have my coffee. While having my coffee, I usually read my Bible for a little while. Ed and I spend time in the evening, when getting ready for bed, reading our bibles and praying together.
Through the week, I usually don't go anywhere except to church on Wednesday night. Sometimes on Friday, we go to a restaurant that is just a few miles from home and have lunch, for a treat.
I see my girlfriends on the weekends, as by that time, Ed and I have spent the week together,with Jaylon, and enjoy having some time away from eachother. :-) My girlfriends and I might take in dinner and a movie or just dinner or perhaps dinner and a little shopping. Last week, I helped my girlfriend decorate her SS classroom for the new quarter. We bought lunch on our way to the church and just enjoyed the afternoon!
I talk to my sisters and brothers on the phone at least once a week. I have a sister who lives by herself and sometimes we talk every day, usually early in the morning.
It just takes a little organization and planning and prioritizing.

Daphine said...

Great question! I read my Bible each morning before I do anything else. I don't post as much as I use to. I post maybe 2-3 times a week now. I sometimes will comment on my lunch hour. However, I have totally limited myself to no more than a couple of hours a day on blogging. I truly enjoy it, but it can totally overtake your world.

Anonymous said...

Juggle? You mean I have to balance all these? HA ha ha ha ha h ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Ok I'll try to be serious here. Bible study happens in the am before the kids are awake. Family during the day. Real life friends. . . lacking time with them right now. Blogging: am before the kids are awake, pm after they are in bed, mid day when they are occupied.

Love Bears All Things said...

Sometimes it is difficult. As you can see, I've not read my blog friends' posts in 4 days.
Some people ask me "how I have time to read so much?" or they say, "I don't have time to read". I always say, "we all have 24 hours in a day", we all have the same amount of time." You choose how you want to use it. I'll admit that I do not have as many obligations as I once did. I'm not raising children anymore. I am not a morning person. It usually takes me an hour or more to get started in the morning. That is when I do my visits and posts or if I can I'll do some posts ahead.
Mama Bear