Monday, January 26, 2009

Mission 4 Monday-Hospice

When my momma was dying, hospice came into my home to help. I was so blessed by these dear angels, they were so helpful to me. They helped with all of my mommas needs, plus my needs. They let me vent my feelings, and answered all of my questions. They gave me love, friendship, and many hugs. Their kindness to me in such a heartbreaking time, was very much needed and appreciated. Hospice is such a caring organization to many people. They are always needing volunteers to help in various ways. You can volunteer to work in the office, your duties would be answering the phone, taking messages, sorting through the mail, and greeting people who come in. If you take some hospice training, you could go into homes, and deal with families. You could talk to them, show comfort and compassion to them. You could sit with their loved one, so they could take a little break. Please consider volunteering for hospice, you will be blessed, and you will be a blessing.


sailorcross said...

Hospice is an outstanding organization!!

They helped my family immensely when my dad was ill. There for us every step of the way.

I can't say enough good things about them! Thanks for pointing out all the volunteer opportunities available!


luvmy4sons said...

We too have been blessed by hospice. I have often thought of entering that world myself as a nurse some day.

Sharon Brumfield said...

We had hospice with both of Moms parents. And although I was too young to realize really what a help they were.....I know my Mom did.

We really do need more people to step out and volunteer.

Donetta said...

Hospice really help out when my Mom passed as well...Great group of folks. I have two friends who do so. This is a pouring out that is a sacrifice of kindness

Peggy said...


HOSPICE is a great organization and I'm sure that they need help. I never really knew about hospice to a year or so ago...when I became involved here with some dear people while they started the first HOSPICE in Mazatlan. Very needed!
I did not realize how I could help or why they wanted my help but I have much to learn from them. They even offered training here. Now with there own office-there is much to do. Even helping bring supplies down from a storage at the border
because they were not allowed in with all of the medical donations they received. I'm not medical but there's always other tasks that you can lend a helping hand!

They had fund raisers and always need office help! Once again you are so insightful & have shared another great MISSION idea! I love what Beth shared also!