Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Remember When......

When did you move out of your parents' home? Were you ready for the world? Did you have a job? Were you scared to be on your own? How did your parents handle you moving away? : Due to the fact that my parents divorced when I was 11, I was shuffled around quite a bit. I lived with my mom for awhile, then my dad. When I was 13, the judge gave custody of me to my sister. He said neither parent was fit to raise me, because they were both living with someone at the time. I lived with my sister until I was 15, then I went back to living with my mom. She had married, and the judge allowed me to live with her. My stepfather sexually abused me, but of course denied it. My mom believed him, and sent me back to my sister. Due to the fact that my dad would no longer pay child support to my sister for the care of me, she kicked me out when I was 16. I had no where to go, so I moved in with a family down the street. They made me quit school, and get a job. They took all of my checks every pay day. I lived there until I met my husband, I was 21 when we got married. So, when I moved out of my parents home, I was scared and alone. I was not ready for the world. My parents did not really care what I was doing, or where I was. But, praise God for being with me, and watching over me.


sailorcross said...

Oh, Denise!!

You know at the top of your header where it says, "Some people make the world a special place just by being in it--ALWAYS"? That is you--just fits you.

Because you do make this world a special place!!

I'm glad you stopped running around the desk and let Lovebug catch you!! All of this, and you ended up with the man of your dreams who loves and cares for you in your own home where you no longer have to feel scared, alone or afraid!!


luvmy4sons said... glad that you found your hubby so soon. So sorry for all the other. I was kicked out of my parent's home...went and lived with hubby's family...lived with hubby's family 2 1/2 years before we were married.

Debra said...

Oh Denise...I am so grateful to the Lord for revealing Himself to you and for bringing you and your lovebug together.

Your sweet spirit just touches me so. You exude all things good and yet you have been dealt an incredibly lousy hand at so many are the epitome of grace and mercy and not letting what the world gave you making you an ugly person.

I am so touched by your story. ((hugs)) to you.

Love Bears All Things said...

This is similar to what happened to our other daughter after the court gave her back to her birth mother. So sad what some parents do to their children.
I'm happy you found God and Jesus and Love Bug.
You are loved!
Mama Bear

Mary said...


You have certainly had a difficult life, but I can see that you kept your eyes heavenward and allowed God to lead you. You are a wonderful person and truly an inspiration to me. I'm so sorry that you've had to go through all of this. I continue to pray for you, my friend. You were so lucky to find Eddie. He's a gem and definitely sent by God.


Speaking from the Heart said...


Praise God for watching over you. You are an awesome lady with a big heart. If I had walked in your shoes, I don't think I could forgive and forget.

With your honesty, I have no doubt that you have touched many lives.


FromThe Creek said...

I knew the Lord put you into my life for a reason. I have been so uplifted by your posts these past few weeks, but never knew that we had so much in common!

Gretchen said...

Someone told me that we simply see the back of the tapestry, but that He's still the artist. I believe that. Bless you, friend.

Stacy said...

What pain you have endured. I am SO THANKFUL that you found our God of all comfort and that despite the hardships you have faced, you have become a lady who blesses so many others. In the few weeks that I've "been getting to know you", you have truly enriched and encouraged my life. May God continue to bless you as you continue to seek Him above all.