Monday, December 1, 2008

Mission 4 Monday-The Salvation Army

Christmas Charity
The "miracle" of Christmas is repeated over and over again through the joy of caring and sharing.The traditional red kettle is an integral part of the Christmas scene, with millions of dollars donated each year to aid needy families, seniors, and the homeless, in keeping with the spirit of the season.
Donations provide Christmas dinners, clothing, and toys for families in need. Financial assistance also helps with basic necessities, along with seasonal aid. Families of prisoners often are included.
Volunteers distribute gifts to shut-ins in hospitals and nursing homes, and shelters are open for sit-down dinners. The Salvation Army endeavors to bring spiritual light and love to those it serves at Christmas so that the real meaning of the season is not forgotten.
Many families receive aid over a period of months after the Christmas season as well, people struggling with difficult family, emotional, or employment problems. So, the next time you see a sweet bell ringer when you are out shopping, please stop, and give them a gracious hello, and donation. Bless you.


luvmy4sons said...

Yes. A worthy cause to be sure!

Lisa said...

It is horrible to think that some people are forgotten at Christmas. I remember when I was a child my grandma would have me pray with her before bed...sometimes I would try to hide because she prayed sooooooooo long and for everyone---- the homeless, the elderly, etc....Now I find myself praying because I have developed that compassion. I will think of your post when I see that red bucket and I will make a contribution.

April said...

I couldn't agree with you more...reach into your pockets and do what you can to help those in need.

Debra said...

I can never go by them without giving...wonderful post, my friend.

Hugs to you!

LauraLee Shaw said...

AMEN! If we have enough money to go in the store, then we have enough to go into the bucket. This is one of my favorite ways to keep the Christ in Christmas. And on top of it, I find the bell ringers enjoy a smile and a bit of conversation as well. ;)

Jennifer said...

I can't walk by them without putting something into the kettle. I can't imagine not being able to eat a hot meal, give a gift to my child and that no one really cares.

It breaks my heart! I wish that I could give to every charity to help the hurting but that is not, I give to the ones that are near and dear to me.

Have a blessed day!

Peggy said...

Blessings Denise...Thanks so much for sharing our precious Salvation Army bell ringers & all the good they do! I hope the reminder and your beautiful words will inspire many to do exactly what you shared.

This is so GIVING of you to open our eyes & hearts for the season!
Thank you for blessing me with a SUPER Mission 4 Monday! You sure find some great ones!!! I'm honored by your heart & love! Thanks Denise and many blessings as you bless us!

I like this new layout...but pretty soon I won't know if I'm at Shortybear's Place...I loved the bears but I understand why you chose this! Maybe you need to be Shortybear's Penguin's Place (lol)