Friday, November 28, 2008

One Man, One Woman, And One Mad Cat

It was a fun, and very adventurous, Thanksgiving day here at the Oldhams. Lovebug and I decided to give our cat precious, a haircut. She is a long hair cat, and is constantly shedding all over the place. So, lovebug went into the bathroom to get his supplies ready, while I sweet talked precious. Saying things to her such as, "Your such a cutie" Your momma loves you so much" " You know you will feel so much better after you get a haircut" Her response to me was a loud, wailing Meow!! Which translates to: No Way!! Well, lovebug was finally ready, so I picked her up, and away to the bathroom we went. Let the games begin, said my dear lovebug. I held onto her for dear life, as lovebug started shaving her. Woo Hoo, what a wild ride that was my friends. I mean, the fur was truly flying everywhere. By the time we were finished, she no longer had hair, but lovebug and I looked like fur babies!! I opened the bathroom door, told her she was free, and she shot out the door faster than lightening. She would have nothing to do with us for the rest of the day. All she did was stare us down, and lick her lips, like we were a giant can of tuna!! Oh no, I think we could possibly be in trouble. lol


sailorcross said...

Oh Denise!!

This is so funny!! I can just imagine you two with fur all over you and the kitty with none!!

And they do tend to hold a little grudge, kitties do. They will be standoffish and look at you like "What did you do to me?"

If I were you and lovebug, I'd stay away from any kinds of fish for the next few days!!

Precious will get over it--just takes time!!

I'm still laughing!! Of course, everybody thinks my Miles is so cute, too, when he destroys my yarn. And he does look cute, but sometimes--enough is enough!!


Denise said...

Now that is funny! What brave souls you are! I have NEVER shaved a cat.. I would be sneezing from now until the Lord comes back ! ahahhahah Laughter is such good medicine and it sounds like you had a laughter day! Good for you...

You always make me smile!

sara said...


Flip Flop Floozie said...

How brave you were to do that!! I would never have taken that one on at all...we have had cats our whole life and that is the very LAST thing I would have done...bravery for sure.

luvmy4sons said...

Poor kitty!

Heather said...

I can just imagine the noise!! Yikes!

We have two furry girls and we haven't risked our lives yet trying to clip their nails or even brush them!

I'm thankful for groomers (and for my furry girls)!

God bless

Bernadine said...

lol, I can just picture that scene.

Debra said...


This was funny enough to be a Friday Funny!

((hugs)) to you!

Sharon said...

This is so funny Denise!! I can just picture you holding a squirming wild cat and fur flying everywhere! :D It may be quite a while before she'll let you hold tight to her again.

Jewel said...

You are sooo brave! LOL I've never heard of anyone giving a cat a haircut...well, except maybe professional groomers and I figure they give them (the cats) drugs first! Do you have pictures to post??? *smile* Our kitty does into a panic just having frontline applied! They are funny creatures, for sure!! Thanks for the hilarious post!!! LOL

Sharon Brumfield said...

How funny!
That was a hilarious picture. I can not even imagine trying to do that with our last cat.
I'll bet your cat was glad that you did not post pictures. :)

Sandi said...

I was visualing the scence and had a few laughs. I hope you cat is a forgiving cat or you could be in trouble.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Denise, your post is very funny.
I had a wonderful "first-ever" Thanksgiving Day, too.
Oh you got a new template again.
I love it. :)

Daphine said...

This was hilarious! Love your new layout!

Have a great weekend!

Peggy said...

Oh my sweet Denise & Eddie...& poor kitty...I can't even imagine the scene...but you made it sound funny!

I pray that Beth is right!

How I love your beautiful Christmas layout and sweet header! You are really in the spirit!

Oh...and Thanksgiving is for Football for Lovebug, not furr ball...You are too much! Love ya' bunches...that's real teamwork!!!

Was this one of the Love Dares???

Anonymous said...

You think? :) I'll tell you what, I think that would have made it to America's Funniest Videos if you had taped it. I don't suppose you got a picture of the fur babies did you? Now that would have been funny to see.

Love Bears All Things said...

I can just imagine what that was like. Post a picture of the darling if you can get her within range of the camera.
Mama Bear

Grammy said...

That was quit a job. I have 1 cat Crash who loves water and Reba who don't. I am lucky they have short hair. I love you holiday look on your blog.
Have a great weekend.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

OhMIGOSH Denise!
YOUR CAT IS NAKED????????????????
NOW you're gonna need ta knit her a little sweater. LOL and BLOOMERS too; don't forget the bloomers! LOL
You're a riot. I hope she hasn't been paying you back!!!!
Love Lea

Michele Williams said...

Oh, so funny! Reminds me of when Heather and Karl would have to wash my Lady Kitty. Karl would have scratches all over him! You hubby was right.... let the battle begin!!! lol.....

Laurie Ann said...

Oh my stars! You have a nekkid cat! LOL! Sounds like quite an adventure!