Friday, November 7, 2008

15 Things I Am Not Afraid To Admit

I was tagged by my sweet friend Laurie Ann for this meme. I tag the following: Jean, Tara, Jessie, Daphine, and Jennifer. 15 Things I am not afraid to admit: 1) I am a Christian, bought by the precious blood of the Lamb. 2) I love my Saviour forever. 3) I love to praise dance. 4) I love to sing. 5) I love to cook. 6) I love to take long bubblebaths. 7) I love computer time, duh!! 8) I love dolphins, I would love to swim with them one day. 9) I love hot tea, all different flavors. 10) I love to sleep in boxers and t-shirts. 11) I love the movie Fireproof. 12) I love being married to my dear lovebug. 13) I love to play in the snow, making snow angels is so much fun. 14) I love playing uno. 15) I love hot chocolate with lots of tiny marshmallows, or cool whip.


Marsha said...

Hello dear friend!!

I love when you do these memes because I learn more and more about you and realize we truly are kindred spirits!

I love you bunches!

luvmy4sons said...

It was so good to hear a list of thigns you love...and so many that I can list as my loves too...except for maybe cooking! LOL!

Debra said...


I love knowing these things about you! I love some of these same things.

I will be posting this tomorrow.

Blessings to you, sweet sister!

Gretchen said...

I love boxers and tees, too. And hot chocolate w/lots of marshmallows...and...and.. :)

In fact, I just bought some hot chocolate and a bag of mini marshmallows today, and the marshmallows are 80% gone! I wonder who ate them...?

Laurie Ann said...

I loved your list! We have a lot in common. Except the snow. However, if it snowed in Mississippi, we would have that in common, too, LOL! Thanks for playing!

Daphine said...

Hey friend!
Thanks for the tag. I'll make it around to posting mine soon.
I loved reading these things about you! Great!

Speaking from the Heart said...

I love playing Uno also. It gets pretty compettive when we play.

Speaking from the Heart said...


I love my Tinkerbell clipart. This is great for memes and tags. Thank you.

Have a blessed day.

Love ya,

Melanie said...

Love your list, Denise! We have many things in common.

Have a great weekend!

Sharon Brumfield said...

I am with you on the sleep wear! I can stand rolling over and feeling like I am being tied up by my nightgown.....T's for me..and when it gets cold---a pair of sweat pants and socks...can't stand cold feet.

Bernadine said...

Love your list, I'm sure I'd love playing in the snow also, if it snowed over here, lol.

Jennifer said...

Denise, I'm lifting you up in prayer for your health. Thank you for the updates.

I thought that I had dodged the 15 thing tag bullet but you got me. I will get mine out this week...really, thanks for tagging me...I love these memes and getting to know each person just a little better.

I love the boxers and t-shrit sleepware...too cute. You are too precious and very encouraging with each comment you leave for each one of us. Thank you for taking the time to always say a kind word. You truly bless everyone you come in contact with.

Have a blessed day.

Daphine said...

Hey lady! Hope you're feeling better today. I just realized that you also tagged me with this. So...I updated my post just now. Sorry about that.

Thanks again for tagging me with this!