Thursday, October 23, 2008

Love Dare Day 7- Love Believes The Best

...(Love) believes all things, hopes all things. -I Corinthians 13:7 Today's Dare
For Today's Dare, get two sheets of paper. On the first one, spend a few minutes writing out positive things about your spouse. Then, do the same with negative things on the second piece. Place both sheets in a secret place for another day. There is a different purpose and plan for each. At some point during the remainder of the day, pick a positive attribute from the first list, and thank your spouse for having this characteristic.: Ok, I had a little difficulty with this dare. Positive things-piece of cake!! Negative things??? Major problem. I admit, I may be a little bit prejudice when it comes to my lovebug. Ok, actually, I am extremely prejudice when it comes to my lovebug. Not being able to think of any negative characteristics that your spouse possesses, now that is something to smile about. Prayer: Dear Lord, thank You for blessing me with a spouse that is such a positive impact on my life. I love You Lord.


Debra said...

I love that you are extremely prejudiced about your lovebug! That is as it should be!

Blessings to you this evening, sweet sis!

Speaking from the Heart said...

I agree with Debra. It is a blessing to be prejudiced about your Lovebug. If I had to make a list of negative thinngs about Prince, I would also have a big problem. My Prince just got home an hour ago, after a long day at the office.

luvmy4sons said...

I can se you so totally NOT being able to list a negative thing about your love bug!

Love Bears All Things said...

I think I would be the same way. The possitives certainly outweigh any negatives and those would only be the little things which irritate me. But I choose to stay quiet about them because they are just part of the wonderful man I love.
Mama Bear

Daniel's Mom said...

Amen! :) I want to get the Love Dare and do it!!