Tuesday, September 9, 2008

In Other Words Tuesday

“For at least when we express our anger to God, our wrestling keeps our skin pressing into His. God is still present. When we honestly expose our inflammation, express our soreness, we are still staking our commitment to our relationship with Him.”
Ann Voscamp from her blog post,
Even if He doesn’t: Learn to Lament: I, just like all of you, have been through many trials in my life. There are times that I have cried, until there were no more tears left. I have sat silently, alone in the dark with my intense pain. I have been angry, wondering why? why? why? But, you know what? I was not alone, God was always there. Waiting, and watching. Wondering when I was going to call out His name, so He could have a long talk with me. We do not need to be afraid to express our feelings to God, we need to pour ourselves out before Him. Let Him truly see what is going on inside of us. He does not just want to see our good days, but also our bad days. If we are angry, He wants us to share that anger with Him. Sharing will only bring us closer to our Father God. If we keep our feelings bottled up, we will explode. That will only make satan smile, not God. Be true to your relationship with God, share everything, not just bits and pieces.


Michelle Bentham said...

AMEN! This is such a wise post, Denise. You shared so clearly and concisely the beautiful heart you have before God, even its frailties.

A good word has been shared here today. I thought you were not posting today and was very nearly disappointed! Blessings.

luvmy4sons said...

Amen. Who do we think we are fooling anyway? God knows our hearts better than we do. It is only when we give it all to him that He can fill us up with His goodness to replace the other....Amen to this post. Love to you sister.

A Stone Gatherer said...

Ah yes! We are never alone! He is always there when we call! Wonderful Truth!!!

Love Bears All Things said...

Hi, dear.
I had my ear phones out of the jack. I usually keep them there so that I don't have to listen to everyone's music. I had turned the volume way up because I had the laptop in the bedroom hooked to the modem. My SIL came over to set up my wireless. So I pulled your site up and when the music came on(Bon Jovi?)I about jumped out of my chair.
Mama Bear

Debra said...

I am so happy to see you today. I was praying for you. I thought you must have felt ill today. Your post is so filled with wisdom and truth.

And God cares...so very much!! Sending you so much love!!!

Marsha said...

Oh Denise, this is one of my favorite posts of yours. I LOVE IT!

And now, I have something to put a smile on your face. Come over to my blog and see what you won in the giveaway!

Love you my friend.

sailorcross said...

Hi Denise!!

I thought I would stop in and see how you are doing. And what do I find? One of the most wonderful and truthful posts that I've recently read!!

I have a friend whose favorite saying is "Palms UP!"--meaning just surrender it all to God.

God knows, better than we ourselves, what we are struggling with, what we are joyful about. Sometimes I wonder why it takes me even a moment of time to give myself to Him--for the glory or for the comfort.


Sharon Brumfield said...

I am so glad that you mentioned Ann's site. I lost it long ago when I had to wipe my computer to fix it.
I love her writing style.
God knows our hearts...He wants to help us clean them out so that we don't end up with heart disease. :)
Wouldn't it be nice if we could just sit down and have a face to face every once in a while?
Great post!
Love ya girl

Patricia@Typing One-Handed said...

Again, a great In Other Words post. Thanks, Denise. Your directness is such a blessing.

Bernadine said...

Lovely post Denise. I was reflecting on this very thing today.

Gretchen said...

So true. He knows, anyway. It's not like we're keeping Him in the dark. He can take the laughter, the tears, and the anger.


Kay Martin said...

You wrote so well about the loving trusting relationship that Jesus Christ has suffered and sacrificed for all of us to have with merciful Father God.

You wrote "If we keep our feelings bottled up, we will explode. That will only make satan smile, not God. Be true to your relationship with God, share everything, not just bits and pieces."

My relationships with my parents wasn't ideal. I struggled for many years with confusion on God as Father and my earthly father. Now, I know God the Father is trustworthy, merciful and Love. I get real with Him more than anyone else.

Thanks for your openness. You have prompted me to spend more time today with my Heavenly Father because of this post.