Monday, July 28, 2008

At The Well-Raising Godly Boys

If you are raising boys, what areas concern you most? If you don't have, or haven't raised boys, what is your concern for boys in today's culture? I am not a mother, but I feel I do have a mothers heart. I love kids of all ages, and pray for them all. I have five awesome nephews, and I love them all dearly. My prayer for boys in today's culture, is that they be their own person. Peer pressure is so devastating to so many lives. I wish that boys would realize that they are awesome just the way they are. God uniquely created them the way they are, there is no one else in the world like them. They have their own talents and abilities that God has blessed them with. Instead of seeking after the newest electronic gadget, or the newest fad that your friends are into, be someone who seeks after Gods heart. Be your own person, let God shine in you, and through you. Never be afraid to show your emotions, let the tears flow if you need to. There is no shame in tears, Jesus wept. Equip yourself with the word of God, bury it deep in your heart. He died for you, may you always be willing to live for Him.


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

This is a great prayer for boys and girls alike.

And I agree - I think you DO have a mother's heart!

lori said...

Oh Denise...keep praying that heart of yours for those this world they need the prayers of the faithful!!

peace to you!

Kathy C. said...

Thank you Denise for your sweet thoughts. Thank you for sending up prayers for boys that will touch my son as well as all the others! :)
Have a blessed day.

Chelsey said...

Wonderful words Denise. Thanks so much for sharing your heart at the WEll today!

Gretchen said...

Thank you for your prayers over our boys and for your mother's heart. I bet you are the best.aunt.ever!!

Laurie Ann said...

Great post, Denise. Your mother's heart shines brightly for Jesus, honey. I love it!

Tracy Berta-daughter to the King, wife, mother, speaker, writer said...

AWESOME advice, Denise!

Blessings, dear one!

a woman found said...

I'm sure in heaven we'll see the powerful impact your prayers have had on many (even my own boys) though they are not your own.

Thank you for praying! It's vital!

I too pray that our boys would know they are created in the image of God, and stand out from the world in true confidence of God's love because of Jesus and would hide His word in their hearts!


Bernadine said...

This is so true. Many teens can benefit from reading this.

LauraLee Shaw said...

What a passionate and loving post for our boys. Thank you so much!!! I wish I could recruit you for our church kids' ministry!

Karen said...

You are so right in that there is so much peer pressure. Honestly, I am glad I'm not a teen in today's society. It's much different now than when I was a teen. And even back then, there was a lot of peer pressure. I want all of my children to know that they are loved, special, and accepted just the way God created them. They don't need the approval of peers to feel accepted. We love and accept them and more importantly - God loves and accepts them.

Take care,