Saturday, June 7, 2008

Shortybear Goes Bare

I sat in the chair in front of the mirror, waiting for my lovebug to shave my head. I was feeling so many different emotions, ranging from nervousness to excitement. My lovebug was doing his very best to help me not be scared, or nervous. He was making me laugh, as always. He kept singing this little song: Everybody be aware, Shortybears going bare!! The man is totally nuts, but I sure do love him. As he picked up the razor, he looked at me, smiled, and said, honey are you ready? I shook my head yes, he kissed me on the cheek, turned the razor on, and began shaving my head. The room was silent, except for the buzzing of the razor, I could hear my heart beating very loudly. I looked in the mirror, and I started to cry. Tears were falling down my face,right along with the hairs. At first, I was crying tears of sadness, tears for what use to be, tears for what my thyroid disease has taken from me. But, then they turned to tears of relief from emotional stress, tears of freedom from all the worry my hair has caused me, and the most drenching tears poured forth from my eyes, as well as my heart, when my lovebug said the following words to me: Your head is shaped so lovely sweetie, you are so beautiful. I love you. Then, he gently kissed me upon my bare head, a kiss I will forever treasure.


IRENE said...

You are the kindest and fairest of all. I love you, dear friend. May you be relieved by your worries and concentrate on what is important and makes your heart and mind sing with God's joy. Blessings to you and your husband.

Sharon Brumfield said...

Awww..girl I love you too!
I could just give you a big hug right now. Wish I was sitting there with you while it was happening...but I am glad Eddie and you got to share this.
Those little memories will always be special.
And all I have seen is the little picture of you...but you are beautiful inside and out.
We are sisters and I just want you to know....I love you!

luvmy4sons said...

Someone hand me the tissue box. I sure wish I could reach out and give you one great big hug! consider yourself hugged dear sister! God allows things to be taken from us from time to time, but it has been my experience He always fills up the empty place with something more His timing of course! Praying that this will be what you experience too.

Gretchen said...

My eyes are leaking. I luurve you and Eddie. What a swweeetheart.

You will get through this sadness. xxxooogretchen

Maisie said...

You have been blessed with such an awesome husband. said...

Your so beautiful on the inside that I know you are beautiful!!

I wish I could give you a hug in person!!
You are one of the sweetest person I know!! Love and hugs Grams

Flip Flop Floozie said...

I am so glad that this is all over with for you now!! I can only just begin to think what this was like for you. I love those scarfs or whatever you would call them on the post below. Very nice and will look great on you...Sandy

God's Guitar Girl said...

I read this post w/ "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" playing in the background. You have turned a page into a new, major chapter of your life. I admire your strength!!! And your husband humbles me with his genuine love for you. A love like that is so incredibly rare. God be with you, girl. :)

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

Bless Eddie

and Denise always remember you are BEAUTIFUL

beauty comes the inside
who you are
not what you look
Denise you are BEAUTIFUL
because you a loving caring supportive daughter of Christ and friend to me
I am truly blessed by you

Allison said...

Aww pumpkin I luv you! You're lucky you have a nice shaped head! I have a weird kind of melon head and I would look retarded with no hair! :-D Im so glad that you have Eddie to go through this with you - Just make sure to put sunscreen on your cute little head of yours! :-D

Love Bears All Things said...

Man looketh at the outward appearence but God looks at the heart.
It must be so liberating to be free from the hair worries.
Bless you,
Mama Bear

Angie said...

Denise--I couldn't help but cry...first this "event" in your life and then--your brother. Crying all over again. I am so sorry and wish I could be there to help you through this. But the LORD is THERE!

Jenster said...

Denise - This is my first time here and I'm not exactly sure what's going on (not totally unusual for me), but I had to tell you I love this post. I shaved my head nearly 3 years ago because of chemotherapy so I know of the emotions you speak of. You described them perfectly!

I hope to hang out here more. :o)

Julie said...

Awww...Eddie is precious & so are you!!

It will all be fine, you will see.

Love you!

Laurel Wreath said...

Oh honey crying with you tonight.

Sonya said...

Just touched my heart to read this...your are truly a beautiful angel from God. You are pretty from the inside out. And you have a wonderful prince of a husband that treats you like a precious princess. Just concentrate on getting bettter....Look to the Lord for He will lead you through all of this....

With love and many hugs,

Amanda B. said...

All I can say is that you are AN AMAZING WOMAN!!! Your trials put my pitiful little problems to shame...not that I mean that as a competition...I just mean it really helps me see that I have been focusing on myself and my weight and eating too much lately. You are such a blessing, Denise. I am so impressed with your relationship with your hubby, too. You are truly blessed to have a man who loves you (and says it so readily) in such a practical and real way. YOu will be heavy on my heart and in my prayers this week.

Vicki said...

What a honey-bear of a husband you have! He's so sweet. You've been on my mind. Praying for you, Denise.


Tiffany said...

Girl, you've got a good man. Give him a hug for me- and a high five too! Woo!I'm so glad you have each other, for good times and bad. Love you sweetheart!