Monday, June 23, 2008

Miracle Monday

Today, I would like to share the miracle of a new friendship that God has blessed me with recently. My new friend is myself!! All of my life I have suffered with low self esteem, I hated myself. I have always thought that I was ugly, fat, stupid, just plain no good. I lost my hair due to thyroid disease, so a few weeks ago, my husband shaved my head. That experience was very emotional for us, and brought us even closer. God has been right by my side through this entire journey. As I look in the mirror, at the woman I have now become, I slowly begin to smile. I may not be a beautiful woman with long flowing luscious hair, or short cute curls. But, my Father is the King, so that makes me a princess. I consider myself a hairless princess warrior, fighting battles in my Fathers army. lol I am who I am, and my Father loves me this way. Be blessed everyone, and keep looking for miracles, they are all around you.


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...


You ARE beautiful!

Thank you for being a faithful servant to God and for always trusting Him.

Thank you also for being able to see God's hand in EVERYTHING! And thank you for posting about it.

You are an inspiration to me and to others all over the internet.


Mama Zen said...

Yes, you ARE a princess!

Anonymous said...

Actually you are very beautiful, cause beauty is on the inside not the outside.

God be with you always!


Bernadine said...

I agree, you are a princess.

Melanie said...

Denise, You ARE a beautiful princess of the king!

Happy Monday!

Melanie said...

You most certainly are a princess! A beautiful princess!!

luvmy4sons said...

Never seen you but can honestly say you are beautiful. How neat that God is helping you to see yourself the way He sees you! Hugs girlfriend!

Denise said...

Oh my girl friend.... God looks at the heart and if we children of God will look through the eyes of the Father we only see the beauty of your heart..... There are beautiful women in this world that have hearts that are black.... They are beauty on the outside and dark on the inside........ You have the most beautiful heart.. and all those that have grown to love you looks at you as a beautiful daughter of God..... You smile at that beautiful face every time you look in the mirror...... because that is what we see....

A Stone Gatherer said...

Yep you are a precious daughter of the King! You are beautiful in his eyes and alot of others, including mine!

Fran said...

You are one of the MOST beautiful people I know. Truly. Honestly.

He is enthralled with your beauty!

Sharon said...

Those who read your blog know you are beautiful!

Besides, the real beauty comes from what's within and you're a real prize!

freetofly said...

Denise, there is just no doubt that you are beautiful !Your bring love, joy and courage to every blog you visit! You continuously testify of the goodness, power and faithfullness of God. No matter how you feel, what circumstances you are dealing with. THAT testimony makes you shiny and bright! Inside AND out!

I am so glad to know you on the blogs! & one day in Heaven!


Christina said...

Wonderful post.

I just wanted to thank you for praying for my mom. She went home on Saturday to be with the Lord and I know your prayers were very special to me.

Love Bears All Things said...

You sound like me. Doing this "Calm My Anxious Heart" study has given me the opportunity to open up about the way I've perceived myself and to try harder to love myself. I told my friend Patty that I envied her because she is so little. I said, "I bet you never looked in the mirror and thought you were fat." She told me that she thought I was beautiful. Well, I know that God made me, he was the designer so I have to start believing that He doesn't make mistakes. If I dislike myself, I'm disrespecting the Master.
Hugs, Mama Bear