Friday, June 6, 2008

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Hello my sweet friends, praying for all of you to enjoy your weekend, whatever you may do. I have got some news to share with you, my upcoming weekend adventure, that I would like to share. As you all know I have several health problems, including a very out of control thyroid condition. I have been dealing with this problem for several years, and it is getting worse, not better. It has taken a toll on my body, energy level, and has destroyed my hair. Of course, being a woman, your hair tends to be very important to you. I have hurt so much over my thinning, straw like hair for so long, cried many tears, been very embarrassed. There is no shampoo that helps, nothing that a hair stylist can do for me. I have tried everything, believe me. I talked to my endocrinologist about it, poured my heart out to her. I explained to her how much this was affecting me emotionally. Her advice---shave my head. Yes, you heard me correctly, shave my head. She said I am letting my hair rule my life, holding me prisoner. Which is very true, I am so tired of dealing with this. I talked to my dear hubby about it, and my sister. They both said they love me, not my hair. They support me 100%, all they want is for me to be happy, and stress free. They both said that they will buy me tons of cute hats, caps, scarfs, and wigs if I want them. So--- I am going for it!! Eddie is going to shave his head, and my head this weekend. Will I look different? Of course I will!! Will I be a different person? No, I will still be a daughter who loves her Father God with all of her heart. My Father loves me, with or without hair. Watch out world, here comes the new shortybear, soon to be known as the styling hat lady!! lol


A Stone Gatherer said...

You go girl! We are so often held prisoner by so much! I love the freedom you will have! You are always in my prayers!

luvmy4sons said...

Oh dear sweet friend! You are such a wonderful, funny loving kind, sweet, person-hair or no hair! I think that is great! My dear friend, who passed away almost 3 years ago, lost most of her hair with chemo; and her hubby and three sons shaved their heads in support of her! It was so touching! I have often told my hubby that I wish we were all bald. Think of the time we would save and the money-it would also even out the physical appearance playing field too! Hugs to you!

Beth said...

Wow! This post was a shocker!

I hope you are freed from all of shuethe worry about your hair! I will be praying for your hair and your thyroid!

Ang baylis said...

You'll be in my prayers this weekend! I know this must be hard. I'm sure you'll look beautiful!
Angie xoxo

Phyl said...

Awesome! You go, girl~ I am betting you find such joy in the freedom and the possibilities:).

Allison said...

You go girl! Ya know, when I was diagnosed with cancer I told myself right from the start that if my hair started falling out, I was going to shave it right off - no way was I going to let it ruin me! Thankfully, because my hair is so long, I hardly noticed it thinning and once my radiation was over, it grew back thicker and better than before. And when Colleen, my cousin, lost her hair from Leukemia, we bought her princess crowns, cute hats, and multi colored wigs and she looked even cuter than before! Hey you know what you and Eddie should do? Keep a camera with you and whenever you are somewhere that you see the craziest hat, take a picture of you in it to remind you that your personality is WAY more awesome than some strands of hair! I am right here cheering you on and drying your tears my dear friend! I LOVE YOU AND HOW YOU LOOK BUT MOST OF ALL I LOVE YOUR HEART!!! (((((BIG HUGS))))

Flip Flop Floozie said...

you can change your name to SHORTYHAIRED GIRL! I think this is what you need to do too. You know it will start to come back in too and maybe it will be a great head of hair..wouldn't that be just great..Well we can pray that way, can't we!!

Gretchen said...

You are beautiful inside and out, though I'm sorry this hair thing has had you down for a bit. I support you, too. 100%. You rock, Denise. xxxooogretchen

The Olson's: said...

Thanks for stopping by yesterday! I am really enjoying doing Thankful Thursday as it causes me to stop & really think about what I'm thankful for - something we probably don't do enough!

I'm sorry to hear about the health struggles you are having. It sounds like you have a wonderfully supportive husband though! And of course, Jesus, who is our constant comfort!

I hope you'll stop by again soon!
~ Leanne

freetofly said...

You know, I think with the attitude of faith and hope you have, you are on to something great here! You never know, it may grow in, in a manner that is more healthy that you have had in a while.

Until then, Hats are ALWAYS cool & so are YOU Shortybear!


Melanie said...

I'll love you no matter what! We all love you for who you are, not what you look like. Praying for you!

Sharon Brumfield said...

Way to go Eddie walking this walk with you. God bless his heart.
I think it is great that you are taking this step.
My pastors wife is going through the same thing with her hair.
You'll have to learn how to do a do rag with a bandanna.There are lots of cute ones out there and they will be so much cooler than hair.
I love you girl. I pray that when you look in the mirror you see the beautiful woman that God sees.
You are beautiful......God does not make ugly. ;)

Julie said...

I love you, my wonderful friend & you are so beautiful already! This will only make you that much more striking!!!! :o)

Praying for you & I can't wait to see the new Shortybear!!! Love you lots!!!!

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

praying for you my dear friend
yep youll still be the same beautiful person
beauty comes from within and no matter you look like you are BEAUTIFUL and I am very blessed to know you as one of my bloggy friends

bless Eddie too

I really like those caps too very pretty

love you

Cal said...

You are so brave and your husband is wonderful. Thanks for reminding us that we can control our destiny in some small ways when we trust God and act in faith.