Friday, April 25, 2008

What Are You Cooking?

Hello sweet friends, praying for all of you to have a wonderful weekend. Just out of curiosity, what is simmering in your cooking pot today? What has been going on in your life recently? Experiencing some hard times, stressed out to the max? Health problems, family problems, financial problems, marriage problems? Are you grieving? Are your emotions raw? Have you been pouring anger, frustration, self-pity, and big doses of bad attitude into your cooking pot? To spice up the flavor, have you been talking hateful, yelling, arguing, making up excuses? Did you add any of the following to your pot?: Whatever, Who Cares, I Don't Know?? Your pot is going to boil over into every area of your life, and the bad ingredients that you have been simmering, will begin to poison you, and all those around you my friend. Here is my advice, pour everything out of your cooking pot, and allow Jesus to help you start all over. Here are some ingredients to add to your pot: love, happiness, gratitude, compassion, faith, and hope. Let it simmer all day, and then serve big bowls of your heartfelt creation to those you love. I promise, everyone will enjoy. Blessings to all of you my friends.


Sharon Brumfield said...

Good thought provoking post.
This morning started off rough--time to clean out my pot and start again.:)

Julie said...

I needed this, my friend. Trying to get all the nasty stuff out of my cooking pot and only cook with delicious ingredients. Especially love and charity for others.

Love you,
Julie said...

Hi Denise, You do have to be careful what you put in the pot to cook!! I was hot and cranky yesterday and that gets everybody that way!!! It has cooled down today and feels good inside and out doors!!
Thanks for sharing a great post!! Love and hugs Grams

luvmy4sons said...

Thank you so very much!

Karen said...

What a wonderful post! I really enjoyed reading it! I hope you are doing well!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Bernadine said...

Beautiful post. I felt a bit of grief today but I'm trying not to let it boil over.
Thanks for this post.
Love and hugs

Marsha said...

Wonderful post, dear one.