Sunday, March 16, 2008

Saturday At The Oldhams

Hello everyone, praying that you are all doing well. I hope you enjoyed your day, however you may have spent it. It was a stormy day here in Chattanooga, rain, rain, and more rain. But, that was ok. My sweet lovebug is sick with a head cold, bless his heart. I made sure he did nothing today, except rest. I hate it when he is sick, it makes my heart sad. He does not like being the patient, as a matter of fact, he is a very impatient patient. lol He is worried that he will pass the cold on to me, and it is always harder for me to get over colds, infections, etc. Well, I need to go for now, it is time for my lovebugs medicine. Blessings to you all, and much love.


Melanie said...

Praying that Eddie is feeling better and that you don't get sick.

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

praying Eddie feels better real soon and praying you dont get it
lots of love and many prayers

Sharon Brumfield said...

Hope Eddie is feeling better.

Julie said...

Praying for you & Eddie, both!! Hope ya'll are feeling better soon!

Love you, my friend,


Bernadine said...

I hope Eddie is feeling better soon.

Tiffany Stuart said...

Hoping Eddie is better now. I'm late reading this, but know I care. It's been harder for me to read blogs and write mine lately with my writing jobs. Those are priority.

Love u