Thursday, February 21, 2008

Power Of A Praying Wife-Day 19

Pray that your husband will be patient and a man of peace. Pray that he will not give in to anger, but will allow the Holy Spirit to control his responses. (Rom. 14:19; Ps. 34:14) Dear heavenly Father, I pray that my husband will always be patient, and seek to have peace in his heart. I pray that he will choose to not give into anger, but always seek to follow the Holy Spirits leading, and allow his responses to be controlled. I ask these things in Your loving name, believing that You hear me, and will answer my prayers. Amen


Melanie said...

What a beautiful prayer.

Vashonnte said...

i absolutely love this!

Tori said...

I just found you and thought I would say hi. Love the teddy theme, very cute!

IRENE said...

Praying this for me, too!

Hootin' Anni said...

Mornin' Denise....I thank Him each and every day of my married life to have given me a man that is kind, thoughtful, sweet and loving me for all my faults.

Lovely post.
Have a terrific day. Be happy.

Mary said...


Your prayer is awesome. I am so glad that Eddie is patient with you and not prone to anger.

Thank you for your prayers for Michelle. She is definitely on the mend and Brandon is watching her like a hawk.


Fran said...

Patience and peace...could all stand some of that! :)

Praying for you today.

Irritable Mother said...

Thanks for leading me in this prayer for my husband!

Gretchen said...

God sure did well when He matched the 2 of you up. xxxooogretchen

According to HIS Power said...

This is such a sweet prayer, Denise! What a blessing you are to Eddie as a godly wife! Thanks for the reminders, I love this praying wife challenge!

~Love and Prayers,