Friday, February 8, 2008

God Stop Friday

Another God Stop Friday is here. I praise God for the moments that He shows up to help me, bless me, or just to be with me. There have been several of those moments this week. 1) He kept us safe during all the bad storms this week, all we experienced was heavy rains. 2) He was with my husband as he had his yearly physical this week, everything was fine. 3)He blessed my sister with a great vision checkup. 4) He was with me as I received some very dissappointing news from my eye doctor. He held me, and gave me great comfort. Thanks for stopping by Father, I love You.


Patty said...

I am still praying for your eyes! Praise God for keeping His hands on you during the storms. It was a long night with tornado warnings everywhere but God calmed the storm! I just smile every time I see your name because you have such a sweet spirit and a kind heart and I am honored to know you and pray for you! Have a great weekend!

Shari said...

Thank you for coming by and seeing my first God Stop Friday. I'm glad that you feel God's comfort, despite the problems that your diabetes is causing. We are so fortunate that we have Him to go to about everything. I'm going to check out 8 in 2008 right now.

Nise' said...

Praising Him for your protection during the storms!! Contining to pray that your blood sugar gets under control and your pain lessens!

Karen said...

Hello, you amazing woman :-) I've been thinking of you such a lot. I wondered if the Tornadoes had been in your area or not. Continuing to pray for you and for Eddie. How are things going with your sister?

Fran said...

Praying for you tonight as I read through your words....and listening to this music in the background...I'm just so thankful for you and asking His hand to be so sweetly upon you!


Georgia4God said...

rejoicing with you that God kept His hands on your and protected you and your family this week!