Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jesus Will Be There

Are you a pit dweller my friend? Do you hang out in the pit of depression? I have been there, done that more than once in my life. So, do not feel alone in that deep dark hole you might be in right now. But, I want to let you in on something that you may not realize my friend. There is a way out of that pit, you have someone that loves you so much He was willing to die for you. His name is Jesus, sweet Jesus. Have you ever heard the song by James Taylor called you got a friend? Well, here is my new version of that song. You just call out His name, and I promise wherever He is, He will come running, to see you again. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, all you have to do is call, and Jesus will be there, I promise He will. Raise your hands toward heaven my friend, call out His precious name. He will run to you, and pull you out of that deep dark pit, and place you back on higher ground. He wants to rescue you, but most of all , He wants to love you dear one. Be blessed.


Karen H. said...

Good Morning Denise,
It is another cold morning here. It is 21 degrees at this time. Another cold blast will be here tonight and another chance at freezing rain on Friday. I love the way you did James Taylor's song. That is just beautiful. "THANK YOU" for sharing it with us. I have fought with depression for several years now myself. But like you said, Jesus is always there to pull us out of the rut. Such a great post my friend. I love your Word Filled Wednesday too. That is a cute picutre there. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love you my friend and lots of hugs,
Karen H.

Mel's World said...

As I read this book, GET OUT OF THAT PIT, with my LIVE! group and the online group I am reminded AGAIN and AGAIN that so many of us are in a pit and don't even realize it.

Thanks for the reminder that Jesus is our friend and HE wants to help us out of that pit!!!


The Trier and Jen said...

I like James Taylor

I suffered my first bout of depression when my dear friend was murdered in 1990 I got stuck in grief

One day I was down and crying
I picked up a bible that happened to be in the draw under my bed

I started reading it within 15 minutes I had been lifted up and shown love by Him
He made me feel better

I started my walk with the Lord that day

If your down dear reader He can help comfort and love you too


Vicki said...

Hey friend!

I always DID like James Taylor, but I dearly LOVE Jesus.

Thanks for encouraging all of us. Your words mean a lot.

in His grace,

Angie said...

Denise--thank you so much for always being such an encouragement! I love the doggie! And the message is perfect!

Bernadine said...


This is such a beautiful post. I've been in the pit of depression a time or two but I'm so grateful that Jesus has always been there with me.
Thanks for sharing

Lynn said...


Amen.... Amen. Great post, amazing hope we have. Amen.

Mary said...


I have also experienced depression at different times during my life. This is a powerful post. Jesus is ALWAYS there for us and yes, He is our friend, our Father and our protector.

Praying for you daily.

Karen said...

I have tagged you for a book meme.

Fran said...

He is the greatest and thank you for this sweet promise of how wonderful He is.

Love ya~

Sharon said...

He has pulled me out of some really deep pits. I love Him for it.

IRENE said...

Amen. Thank you,my friend.

Susan said...

Oh Denise...

I'm so sorry you are struggling with your health issues.

Lord, watch over this precious sister. Touch her, and heal her. Wrap your loving arms around her to day.

Blessings to you this TT!