Sunday, January 27, 2008

In Spirit And In Truth

On the last Sunday of every month for the Sunday worship I want you to get involved and answer some questions, study some scripture and share your perspective on your blog(or by email if you like). The Thursday before I will be posting the questions as well as the button you can use to link to us, write your post by Sunday, come by our house and leave your link so we can read your thoughts!
I am so excited about the possibilities and so excited to grow along side you!
So for this Sunday Read the following Scripture and answer the following Questions.
Please Read Galatians 5:16-26 (please read it at least 3 times)
In light of this scripture what do you think Paul is saying when he says “when you are directed by the Spirit, you are not under obligation to the law of Moses.“? I feel that Paul was saying our hope is not in rules, but in the Holy Spirit that indwells in every believer. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we can obey God in the middle of our ongoing struggles.
What are the fruits of living by the Spirit? Love,Joy,Peace,Patience,Kindness,Goodness,Faithfulness,Gentleness, & Self-Control. Are they a part of our nature? Why or Why not? If we are saved, and living by the Holy Spirit, they are part of our nature. But, if you are not saved, and living by the flesh, they are not part of your nature.
When you read this scripture is there any new insight you have gained about worship? I have the choice everyday to walk by the Spirit, or live by the flesh. God gives us free will. I am choosing to walk by the spirit, I pray that in my life people will see fruit growing daily.


Patty said...

Great idea and I will read them today after I get back from church!

Denise said...

Christians must always strive to act under the guidance of the Holy Spirit... We are not free from the flesh. but we do not have to allow that flesh to rule us...... It is a choice that we make.. To walk by spirit..... When we submit to that walk in the spirit we are not subject to the law... The law was rules of works...... the Spirit is the freedom of Christ...... I choose the spirit led walk..... It is the road less traveled, but it will always keep us within the boundaries of love..... and after all it is love that never fails...... When God sees that we will follow the spirit led path....... He will take us places that most men will never see....... Be led by the Spirit....... He was sent here to teach us and to lead us....... and after all He knows the way home.......................


eph2810 said...

You know, although I strive to have the Holy Spirit take hold of me. Some days I just my ugly self comes out. No so much in saying things, but thinking things - argk!!!

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the questions.

Be blessed today and always.