Tuesday, January 29, 2008

For Mary-Six Fun Things About Me

1)I love to eat tomato sandwiches,yummy. 2)I am addicted to chicken flavored ramen noodles, buy them by the box. 3)I chew on my lip when I get nervous. 4)I never wear makeup, eddie says I am a natural beauty, yea right!! 5)All I ever sleep in is really big tshirts, love them. 6)I love to swim, I really should have been born a dolphin. lol


livin' with me said...

Oooo- this was fun to read. I love learning more about you!

The Trier and Jen said...

i never wear make up either
it make s me feel self-conscious

Sharon said...

YES! I am with you on the t-shirts. And just about the time they are ready to be thrown away--they are feeling their best.
I do have to wear something else every once in a while just so Keith knows I know he is watching. ;)

Brandy said...

That is so cool! I love tomato sandwiches they are my favorite with mayo and pepper. I actually do all the things you do,except the makeup. Seems like we have some things in common.

Glo said...

I love bread,butter and green onion sandwiches and ramen noodles only they have to be pork flavor.