Saturday, January 19, 2008

Delighting In The Details

Laughing on the phone at each others silly jokes, sharing a few moments of silence as we both remember our dear momma. Praying for each others health needs, worrying about each other. Saying to each other, I love you sis. These are the details that I have been delighting in this week. God sweetly blessed me by restoring my relationship with my sister, and my heart is forever grateful for this delightful detail in my life.


lori said...

you know sometimes the details are small, itsy bitsy and sometimes they are GIGANTIC, wrapped with a big bow....YOURS IS HUGE, a restored relationship...
girl...that is a million details rolled into ONE!!
thank you for sharing...

lori said...

OH, and the story of HOW you met Eddie.....We KNOW lake winnepesauka...we go EVERY YEAR!! How FUNNY!!!The kids LOVE the water ride!! (it's actually owned by some VERY distant relatives of my grandpa, we never knew them...) I got such a KICK out of that one!!
love at first, what a great Valentine's story!!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Restored Relationships are very awesome!! I am so glad that you and your sister are back together again. God is blessing you for sure. Sandy

Mary said...

Praise God for blessings received and prayers answered.

Love and blessings,

Sharon said...

What a sweet gift from God to the both of you.He is into the small details too.

Angela said...

Your restored relationship with your sister is and AWESOME Blessing from God. There isn't anything like the love and fellowship of family. I pray for more sweet experiences with your sister as the days pass by.

May your weekend be filled with lots of family,friends, love and laughter!

Friendship and Love,

The Trier and Jen said...

Praise the Lord
Im so pleased He has worked this out for both of you
hugs :)


Heather@Mommymonk said...

That's a big wonderful detail.