Monday, December 17, 2007

Your Blog Is A Treasure Award

Dear Carolyn over at gave me this sweet award today. This means alot to me Carolyn, thank you so much. This is what she said: Denise at Shortybearsplace is a treasure and so is her blog!! You are a treasure to me also my friend, I love you. I would now like to pass this on to the following people: Rebecca at Angela at Sharon at Allison at and Julie at You are all beautiful treasures buried in my heart. I love you all.


Sharon said...

Can I just say--I love you!
We got Paw Paw card today and I almost cried. He thought it was soooo
sweet that someone would send a card to him. He can not read it because of his eyes-so I read it to him. It is now on the mantle with our other Christmas card from special people.
So I was blessed today.
Now I get on line to come and check on you and the results and see you have blessed me again.
Thank you sweet girl.
And I love the angel on the header. How beautiful she is.
Now I am going to see if you posted about the results.

Anonymous said...

You sure do make me smile. Thank you so much for this. You are a true friend and I love ya.

Angela said...

Thank you my precious Denise. Your Blog is a Treasure to me as well! I Love You and your friendship.

May your day be filled with many blessings and love.

Angela said...

I am so happy you liked your award !! You are such a treasure!! and you point everyone who comes to your blog who our real treasure is!!!! Our dear Heavenly Father!!! Blessings today, Carolyn

According to HIS Power said...

Thank you so much, my sweet and wonderful friend! I love you. Julie

Allison said...

Thank you my dear friend!! You are a treasure to me :)