Monday, December 17, 2007

Our Journey

Our journey through this world is not always easy, it is filled with ups and downs. The hills can seem to get harder to climb, never easier. The valleys can seem so low, and lonely. But, we need to keep traveling on, for at the end of our journey paradise awaits. Walk on, you are not alone, you have an awesome traveling companion by your side. His name is Jesus, wonderful, precious Jesus. Those days when you feel like you cannot walk one more step on your journey, Jesus will pick you up and carry you. He will always be there to lift you up, never let you down. As the song says, the Lord has been so good to me, I feel like traveling on. until that blessed home I see, I feel like traveling on. Yes, I feel like traveling on. Now, I am going to go get my walking shoes on, today is the day I get the results from my MRI. Keep on traveling everyone, sweet blessings to you all.


Unashamed said...

Praying for the best possible results and for your continued care.

Sharon said...

Waiting to hear the results. said...

I sure am praying your results from the MRI will be good! I have been thinking of you! Please let us know how this came out. LOVE and Hugs Carolyn

Diane said...

Oh what a beautiful festive blog--your seasonal decorations and music are so much fun!

And your post today is precious. "May your day be blessed, and not stressed. May sweet heavenly Sonshine cover your day....." and your walking through each moment!


Mary said...


I am praying that Wed. you get the results of your MRI and they are able to help you control whatever is causing the pain. God is definitely carrying you and He will continue to do so.

Love and blessings,