Saturday, December 15, 2007

Delighting In The Details

My health right now, is like a puzzle, pieces laying everywhere. But, I am not going to stress over that, because God knows where all the pieces fit. He is in total control of the situation. One day, when He is ready, He will gather up all the pieces, and make me whole again. Even if that does not happen here on earth, my heart smiles, because God knows all the details of my life. Thank You Lord, I love You.


Heather@Mommymonk said...

Are you sitting at home making puzzles too? I'm sure the one God is making will be glorious, whenever it gets all put together!

Anonymous said...

Denise: Your complete reliance on God despite your health problems always inspires me. That is exactly what He wants you to do. But, I'm not sure everyone could have as much faith as you. Thanks for being that light to us Christian women who blog with you.

Have a great weekend!!

Sharon said...

Stopping in to say HELLO-wish it was a knock at the door instead of a post on a blog.
I do hope that this morning you are feeling a tad better.
I have only had one experience with my eyes going out. It was heat stroke and I was not with family. It was very scary.
I am so glad God gave you Eddie during this trial.
Looking forward to hearing some good news Monday when you get the results back from your MRI.
And I agree with the other comment-it is good to know that we are held in the palm of His hand.

lori said...

I often tell my friends that if I have to go below for eternity...I will spend it doing JIGSAW puzzles!
How funny is it that our lives are like those puzzles and while they frustrate and confuse us...HE KNOWS how perfectly the pieces fit together...until the time HE places the last piece and calls us home... made me think today!
the puzzle of my life...HE has total control!

Heather said...

Having the faith to know that God will put the pieces together in the right way at the right time - that is a gift! Keep looking to Him!