Monday, November 19, 2007

Seven Random Facts Meme

My sweet friend Connie from has tagged me for this meme. Any of you that would like to do this meme, feel free to do so. Here it goes: 1) I love to sing, and I go around the apartment singing all the time. Eddie keeps begging me to join a karaoke competition, yea right!! 2) I make up funny little dances, like the nesie dance. It cracks Eddie up. 3) I love to watch wrestling with Eddie, and then try the wrestling moves on him. Of course, I never win, he is the undefeated champion. But, one of these days, when he least expects it, I will win. lol 4) I love to watch football, especially the Tennessee Vols. Go Vols!! 5) When I eat pizza, I take the cheese and pepperoni off, and only eat them. I do not like the crust. 6) When I was a little girl, I had a shirt that said, button, button whose got the button? So, I drove everyone crazy, everywhere I went, I would ask everyone, whose got the button? I never did get that question answered!! lol 7) When I was in elementary school, I was very shy. I really never talked much, because everyone made fun of me for being overweight. When our sixth grade class graduated, they did a skit about what all of us would be doing after we graduated from high school. They said, that I would be a night watchman for the morgue. Boy, would my husband disagree with that!! lol


lori said...

who knew you were a closet karaoke QUEEN!
and I would have NEVER pegged you for a wrestling fan!:) I LAUGHED out loud!!

No wrestling for me, but you have a fellow, female, FOOTBALL team ~ the other orange...Clemson...and BLACK and GOLD baby...Go Steelers!!

I feel like I know you a bit better there girl!
Have a wonderful day..
Denise watching wrestling...never would have guessed!!!:):):)

Rebecca said...

I tried to get my kids to stop watching wrestling. It didn't work. Hard to do when hubby is a secret fan himself. LOL

I don't like the crust of pizza either. Everyone freaks when I just eat the topping.

I'm a Dallas Cowboy fan. In the good times and the bad. Glad this year is a good time. LOL

It is always so nice to learn more about everyone..

You have a Blessed Day!!!

Mary said...


Children can be mean, can't they. I was alway called "carrot top" because of my red hair. Brandon is bullied now because of his size and his Asperger's. He is a unique child of God and I've explained that no matter what, God made us and He loves us.

Mary said...

I knew you loved the Vols but I would never guessed you liked wrestling!!
I was skinny in school then gained weight and I got teased about this... Love and Hugs Carolyn

Angela said...

My grandson loves wrestling and all of the moves.

I am a Carolina Panther Fan in the good and bad times. Our family wears blue Panther arm bands.

I was one of the overweight girls too. I know how you felt.

Have a Thanksgiving filled with lots of love and laughter.

Thanks for your means alot to me when you stop by.

Have a great week sweet friend.

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

girllll the VOLS????

sorry but I'm a GATOR....

you are too cute...

my daughter takes the cheese off and I eat it.. she eats the crust...

I was NEVER quiet...or so my report cards says... LOL

I loved reading this about you.. thank you for playing.. it means a lot ..

I love you precious

According to HIS Power said...

I am a Cowboys fan, all the way! Though, I like the Redskins, too. So the game last night was hard to watch! I can't believe you like wrestling! So did my Papaw, we watched it with him all the time! Thanks for letting us know more about you! Love you, Julie

Bernadine said...

I use to be a wrestling fan when I was younger, I tried some of the moves on my brother but he never let me win so I stopped playing, lol.

I still consider myself to be very shy, except when I'm talking about my Lord. I'm never shy about that.

I enjoyed reading this about you.
Thanks for sharing,
be blessed

Sharon said...

Keith used to watch wresting and I would sit and read or somethings just to spend time with him. But when the girls got involved--it was over.
I was a non slim girl always. It probably did not help that my friends were very athletic and skinny. But I am learning to like me. Some days it is good--some days not so. But I have to remember that God loves me not just this shell that will pass away.
Thanks for sharing.