Monday, November 5, 2007

Live Well Wednesdays

Darlene, over at christian women online, is starting a new meme this coming Wednesday. Here is what she says about it: "Live Well!" is a monthly column that inspires women to reshape their body and life, by moving faith to the forefront, making healthier lifestyle choices, and finding our worth in in the eyes of our Father.
For thousands of women, controlling our appetite and choosing a healthier lifestyle is not a choice that comes easy to us, but despite the fact that it's an upward climb, it's one that we've chosen to make, right ladies?!
Live Well Wednesdays is an awesome way to find encouragement and support from other women, like you, who share the same trials and triumphs.
We'll start right here this Wednesday, November 7th. I'll post thoughts on my weight-loss journey here on this page, and I look forward to reading the thoughts you post on your blogs as well. I hope you can join us this Wednesday! Till then, ladies, Live Well!

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Sandi said...

I like to start my day with this saying. "Excersice your faith walk with God." I walk to praise music or just pray and listen to God.