Monday, November 26, 2007

Delighting In The Details

I had planned on cooking a Thanksgiving feast for my in-laws Thursday, but my plans were quickly changed when I became very sick, and had to spend the entire day in bed. But, you know what? That is ok with me, because I do not need one day of the year to show thankfulness. I am thankful everyday of my life, whether there is a feast laid out before me, or not. I was very thankful Thursday as I laid in bed resting, because even though I felt really bad, my loving hubby was by my side taking care of me. God was providing for my needs, as always. I am delighting in the details of my Thanksgiving, my heart was truly thankful to be able to be at home, instead of in the hospital. No matter how sick I may become, I praise God for His awesome care of me.


Sharon said...

Girl I am so sorry you got sick. I do hope you are feeling better.
If you had been in our area we could have brought you by some meals.
Glad you are up and about again.
Still getting settled in and tomorrow I'll be at the hospital with Paw Paw. But I will try and catch up more when I get back.
Love ya girl

lori said...

Thank you for posting...thanksgiving is a way of life...always, everywhere and at ALL times...

you are SUCH an example of that...good times and bad, sickness and praise!

HE is caring for well girl! Prayers for you...they continue.