Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Poem Has Been Published

I received this email today: Hi...... Someone submitted your poem below for publication consideration into
our Christian book of poems entitled, "Author of Heaven and Earth." Our submission process ended this month, and your poem below was chosen as one of
the outstanding poems submitted. With your permission, we would like to include
your poem in the book, "Author of Heaven and Earth", which is due to go to print
in about 12 weeks. Just in case you were wondering how your poem found it's way to our table for voting could have been from one of your friend's or family member's who sent it to us, or was found on a Christian website by one of our volunteers, or something similar... (ultimately, we're believing God brought it to us.)We just know that if it touched our heart, it will touch others, and that's pretty much how the voting process went. A little information about us: My name is Lori Johnson and I am a volunteer for this project, as well as for helping the homeless in California. We, (a group of volunteers who have been working together for the homeless for the the last ten years)... go into the streets with the homeless and see
their needs first-hand, then come back and put together the things they
need... such as butane heaters, sleeping bags, Bibles, food, etc. We put together a plan to get a book published, which gives the world an understanding of Christian people's hearts toward God, which may touch unbelievers and plant a seed the Lord can water. Simultaneously, we figured that if we could sell enough of these 'anointedly written' books, our
delimma would be solved for meeting the huge list of needs the homeless has for
the up-coming winter. I am so happy, thank You dear Lord. I am so grateful that the money raised from the sale of the book, will go toward helping the homeless. I wrote this poem about my momma, during the time of her illness.Here is the poem, the title is "alone": Memories are her only companion these days,tightly she clings to yesterday, and prayerfully reaches out for tomorrow. In her dreams, she is surrounded by family and friends, but she awakens to quiet isolation. She longs for the way things use to be, when her life was much more carefree.How she wishes, that someone would come and fill the empty hours in her life, for she knows that in the hourglass of her life, the sands are quickly flowing through.


Annabelle said...

What a beautiful poem! And Congratulations!!! said...

How lovely for you!! Congratulations!! This was a beautiful poem just like you and your Mama.... Love and Hugs Carolyn

Donetta said...

Your poem is so precious as are you. Congratulations I rejoice at the lives this will be used to touch.

jen said...


Anonymous said...


Hope you have a wonderful day!

Allison said...

Woohoo - Awesome :) What a blessing for you :) You deserve it my friend...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Your poem is as beautiful as your heart! Bless you my friend!

Lynn said...

Prising the Lord with you. YOU deserve this.

Sharon said...


Anonymous said...


I also received a message very similar to yours. I was suspicious and asked at, where my poem was originally published and they indicated that a number of people had received similar notes.

My suspicion arises because there are no obvious references to "Kings Publications" on Google and the fact the "publisher" is a hotmail address and not a webpage. Ms. Lori Johnson is also a hotmail address (which is reasonable) but is too busy to respond to individual e-mails because of publishing many authors are they planning to publish?

I must emphasize that I do not know that this is a scam... I just don't know that it isn't either.

Sorry if I am dissapointing you with this (as I was excited when I got the e-mail as well), however, I felt I should at least point this out to you.

Good luck and God bless,


Traci said...

I also received the same email. I authorized the use of my poetry and was sent another email that told me to contact Kings Publishing regarding the purchase of copies for myself at a discounted rate. I had already contacted Kings and they replied back that they would let me know when it goes to press. Sounds legit to me.