Friday, August 24, 2007

Thumbs Up

Yesterday, as I was visiting my dear friend grams blog over at, I got a true heart blessing from her. She is such a special lady, and her blog always makes me feel good. But, she honored my sweet husband, and of course, that made my heart smile really big. Here is what she said about my Eddie:Eddie, over at Shorty Bears Place is my choice this week!!
His wife is our dear Denise who is a diabetic and underwent surgery a week ago today. She had a very difficult time to say the least, and her husband Eddie has been with her every step of the way! Here is one of the reasons I think he should have the "Thumbs Up." After working all day, coming home, and taking care of Denise, who was in much pain, he would go out to all the blogs that Denise reads, and read them to her. He read to Denise what every one had posted for that day!
Now that is true love, not that Hollywood junk we read about! This is the real deal!! I was so impressed by his love and dedication to Denise. She has a lot of blogs she reads, so this was no small feat! She always leaves the most encouraging comments!
He took care of cooking, and cleaning, and caring for her. too!! But to me, his reading all the posts on all the many blogs, was something that deserved a "Thumbs Up" ! Eddie and Denise, you are two truly amazing people!! Their love for God shines through their daily walk with Him! Thank you dear grams from the bottom of my heart, I could not have said it better. Eddie is my precious angel, I appreciate him so very much. It really touched his heart when he read what you wrote, he could not believe that you chose him. He said to thank you, and let you know that he is sending you great big hugs. So am I, we love you bunches. Denise&Eddie

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I think I just felt that great big Hug from you both!! You both deserve this!! Love you and so glad you are feeling better!! Blessing, Grams